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      News — Lifeguard Bathing Suits

      Benefits of Lifeguard Swimsuit 1PC

      Benefits of Lifeguard Swimsuit 1PC

      Lifeguards have a very demanding and challenging job. They need to spend long and strenuous working hours under the sun and in water trying to ensure everyone’s safety. The right kind of gear and lifeguard swimsuit play an important role in ensuring that they are comfortable and are able to perform their duties in the best possible manner. The female lifeguard swimsuits has evolved considerably over time and there are plenty of options available in the market. The one-piece lifeguard swimsuit is one of the oldest apparel available which continues to be popular even now. Some of the benefits of women’s lifeguard swimsuits 1PC are as follows:

      Better Aerodynamics and Performance

      Lifeguard swimsuits should provide them comfort to swim across the water without hampering their performance. A one-piece lifeguard swimsuit is considered to be more aerodynamic than the two-piece swimsuit and it aid the performance of lifeguards while swimming. It is also tighter and fits snugly on your body which makes you more aerodynamic and thermodynamic. Lifeguard swimsuits which are made using only one piece of fabric will not have chafing and drag when compared to swimsuits with multiple seams. It also provides assurance to the women lifeguards that irrespective of how rough the conditions are, the swimsuit will stay intact and in its place. Women’s lifeguard swimsuits 1PC also offers a bit of compression aiding with muscle recovery.

      Improved Protection

      Lifeguards have to spend plenty of time in the sun and in water and thus the women’s lifeguard swimsuits should be designed to provide them ample protection from the weather elements. One of the biggest advantages of wearing a one-piece lifeguard bathing suit is that it covers more skin and protects the lifeguards from the harsh sun, especially in the summer. This prevents sunburns and skin ailments. One-piece lifeguard swimsuits also protect the lifeguards when they are in the water. It protects more portion of the skin from cuts, bruises, infestation, etc. which can lead to health problems later.

      More Comfortable

      Women’s lifeguard swimsuits 1PC are generally more comfortable than two-piece swimsuit. They dry quicker than which helps to keep the lifeguards comfortable. One-piece lifeguard swimsuits also retain heat better which can help the lifeguards on a cold day. Another benefit of using one-piece swimsuit is that unlike the two-piece swimsuits it is not tied behind the neck. This means that there are no related neck problems, aching shoulders, headaches, and tension along the upper back area, which is quite common with two-piece lifeguard swimsuits.


      The Endless Styles Of Women’s Lifeguard Swimsuit 2PC Mix & Match

      The Endless Styles Of Women’s Lifeguard Swimsuit 2PC Mix & Match


      Relaxing on the beach on a summer’s day is a perfect getaway for most people. With growing crowds on the beach, the lifeguards also need to be on alert to deal with any emergencies. Women lifeguards work for long hours on the beach ensuring the safety of people. Lifeguard swimsuits play an important role in keeping the lifeguards comfortable during their work. There are plenty of choices for women’s lifeguard swimsuit 2PC in the market. Some of the important considerations for buying them are as follows:

      Clearly Distinguishable

      People should be able to distinguish lifeguards on a beach. The lifeguard swimsuit should be able to make you stand out from the general public. They should use colors like red, blue, etc. which are easy to identify and distinguish from a long distance. This will ensure that everyone can locate you if and when they need help.

      Comfort and Good Fit

      As a lifeguard, you need to wear the lifeguard swimsuit for long hours. Hence you should ensure that they are of a good fit for you and keep you comfortable. The two-piece lifeguard swimsuits are designed for action and come in sporty designs. The lifeguard swimsuit should provide you the ideal body coverage for you to feel comfortable. They should also be aerodynamically designed to allow you to move quickly through water in case of emergencies.

      Good Quality Fabric

      The fabric of the lifeguard swimsuit 2PC is an important factor before buying it. The fabric should be of good quality and it should be breathable. It should also allow you to swim through the water quickly without hindering your movements. The fabric should also be able to dry itself quickly as it will get wet frequently during a working day. High quality brushed polyester microfiber is an ideal fabric for making lifeguard swimsuits as they hold up against continued exposure to sunlight, water, sunscreen products, and chlorine. They are also lightweight fabric and dries quickly even if you regularly get in and out of water.

      Other Details

      In addition to the above considerations, you may also check out the other functionalities being offered by the 2PC lifeguard swimsuits. There are many two-piece lifeguard swimsuits which are reversible-they are red on one side and can be switched to other colors like blue or black on the reverse side. Buying a reversible lifeguard swimsuit gives you the benefit of having two swimsuits in one.  However, before buying it, you should ensure that your organization’s dress code allows you to use reversible lifeguard swimsuits as there may be rules against use of black or blue colors.

      How to Care for Your Lifeguard Swimsuits

      How to Care for Your Lifeguard Swimsuits

      Your lifeguard swimsuits should be next to your heart and should be awarded the necessary care they deserve. On the other hand, care towards your swim suits are diverse and it is not all about cleaning and folding it in a nice way. There are a number of things you should be aware as far as the need to care for you lifeguard swimsuits are concerned.

      Lifeguard a wimsuits should be washed as soon as they are pulled of your body

      Most of us especially men may conclude perceive that swim suits must not be washed basically because they went swimming and no dirt came closer to it. With that idea in mind, it is very crucial to be aware of the fact that even if it is worn for just two minutes, a swimsuit needs to be washed. Why is that so? It is simple. Have you ever noticed that the sunscreen creams we normally use tend to stick on the sleeves and the other ages of the swim suits? Yes, they do deposit in such places. With that idea in mind, it is very crucial for you to consider washing your lifeguard swimsuits basically because as long as you are using the sunscreens, they are always dirtied.

      Never use chlorine treated water when washing your swim suits

      Your lifeguard swimsuits should not be washed using detergents which have high chlorine contents. This is basically because of the fact that chlorine tend to bleach the fabric hence leading to a slow fading color. On the other hand, fabrics used in making these swimsuits may be affected by the chlorine detergents and eventually make them weak and soft. It is very crucial therefore to avoid such detergents at all costs.

      Don’t use washing machines on your swimsuit

      Washing machines work by the principle of mixing both the detergents and the garments. It is very important to make sure that you avoid using washing machines when washing your swimsuits basically because some of those detergents may harm your swim suit fabrics. Instead, just make sure that you use the Laundress Sport Detergents which goes for just $14. This helps you swimsuit stand out, last longer, serve you more and your aqua enthusiasm will be attained.

      Hand wash your swim suits and never soak them

      Considering that lifeguard swimsuits are made of special fabrics, it is very crucial to make sure that you use the right detergents. Moreover, just consider washing them with your own hands and never soak them in detergents.


      New Arrivals Women’s Lifeguard Swimsuits

      New Arrivals Women’s Lifeguard Swimsuits

      At JustLifeguard, everything is all about quality and day-to-day improvement and innovation. With that, we have been designing women’s lifeguard swimsuits that takes into consideration preferences, styles, body shapes and size as well as value for money. We are happy to announce that we have a variety of new women’s lifeguard swimsuits. These are new arrivals and that means that they are being introduced into the market afresh. These are new arrivals that you need to make sure you buy and enjoy them while stocks still last. Below are a number of our new arrivals of women’s lifeguard swimsuits.

      Women’s lifeguard Swimsuit 2PC

      From the name itself, you can see that it is a 2 piece swimsuit. What does 2 piece means? It means that buying such a swimsuit comes as a pair. It comes with a top as well as the pant. The top has got a pair of straps and these straps are actually elastic. With the fact that they are elastic, women are assured of a perfect fitting top. However, if the straps are too short even for a maximum stretch, you are free to choose a top that has longer straps so as to promote maximum comfort. The pants also come in different sizes and it is upon you to state you size during order. This lifeguard swimsuit is starting only at $20.

      Women’s lifeguard swimsuit 1 PC

      In this case the 1 PC comes as a full gear. The full gear means that the top is connected to the pants. As far as our esteemed customers have various preferences as well as needs, we have decided to design a full 1 PC swimsuit. There are those who prefer the suit as a full one piece while other love it when it is separate. The Women’s lifeguard swimsuit 1 PC is designed in such a way that it can stretch. The straps on the upper body section are elastic. These enhances perfect fit. If you are that person who loves full dresses or gears, then these are the best for you.

      Differences Between Women’s Lifeguard Swimsuit 1PC and 2PC

      Differences Between Women’s Lifeguard Swimsuit 1PC and 2PC

      Lifeguards have no easy job. Being a lifeguard is a strenuous and challenging job. With the recurrent water rescues that lifeguards have to do, it is essential that they have the gear required that won’t slow them down. Hence, a lifeguard’s swimsuits are an important part of their getup.

      Lifeguards must ensure that they wear swimsuits that don’t wear and tear easily. They also have to make sure that their swimsuits won’t prove to be a hazard. For example, a loose swimsuit can get caught on something and slow a lifeguard down if he/she is trying to save a drowning person.

      Women’s Lifeguard Swimsuits 2PC

      Two piece swimsuits consist of a top and a separate bottom, much like a bikini. These are usually lightweight and durable. Lifeguard swimsuits are explicitly made to withstand chlorine and saltwater. Two piece swimsuits are typically made from polyester to ensure that lifeguards can execute their job correctly. 

      The great thing about a two piece swimsuit is that you can use it for both professional performance and recreational activity. These swimsuits are comfortable to wear throughout the day. Two piece swimsuits are also an excellent option because they’re stylish.

      Women’s Lifeguard Swimsuits 1PC

      One piece swimsuits do not have a separate top and bottom. They’re more like a bodysuit. One piece swimsuits are used a lot by professional swimmers. This is no coincidence. Studies have shown that one piece swimsuits enable a person to swim faster and better. Thus, one piece swimsuits can really help lifeguards do their job better. 

      Even though both one piece and two piece swimsuits are made of the same material, one piece swimsuits offer more protection than two piece swimsuits. In one piece swimsuits, less of your skin is exposed, and hence, you can protect yourself from unhygienic cuts or injuries from unknowing objects in the water.

      What swimsuit to wear really depends on the lifeguard at the end of the day. Despite physical advantages and disadvantages, the choice of swimsuit also depends on personal taste.

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