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      News — Lifeguard swimming shorts

      What is the Best Lifeguard Swim Shorts for Men?

      What is the Best Lifeguard Swim Shorts for Men?


      Lifeguards use swim trunks quite often during their work. These swim trunks are very comfortable and allow them to do their work efficiently. You should consider the following before buying the best lifeguard swim trunks for men:


      Lifeguard swim trunks will be worn by lifeguards for long working hours. They should be thus made of fabrics which are comfortable and breathable. The fabric should keep the lifeguards cool and comfortable. They should also dry quickly as lifeguards will go in and out of water many times. The swim trunks should be durable and last for one season at least. The swim trunks should also be resistant to chlorine, salt, and UV radiation for keeping the lifeguards comfortable and ensuring its longevity.

      Shorter and Slimmer

      It is recommended to opt for shorter and slimmer lifeguard swim trunks. They not only look good and help you show off your well-toned legs, they are also more comfortable. Shorter and slimmer swim trunks are more aerodynamic and help you swim better and faster, which is an important part of a lifeguard’s work. Generally, swim trunks which are 2-3 inches above your knee or rest on mid-thigh is the ideal length for buying a lifeguard swim trunk.

      Tailored Swim Trunks

      Tailored look is the new trend in apparels and swim trunks also come in tailored finishes. These tailored lifeguard swim trunks make you look great and boost your confidence due to their perfect fit and excellent comfort. Due to their better and customized fitting, the tailored lifeguard swim trunks allow you to swim faster and perform your duties in a better manner.

      Type of Elastic

      The type of elastic being used in the lifeguard swim trunk is also an important consideration before buying it. You should prefer for swim trunks with clean and flat-front waistband as these sit nicely on your waist and does not accentuate your middle or tummy unnecessarily. In case you want the comfort of a flexible waistband in your swim trunk, then you can opt for a drawcord tie with minimal bunching at the waist.

      Printed Logo

      Any lifeguard apparel should ensure that they are visible to the public from a distance. The lifeguard swim trunk should be therefore purchased in colors which are approved by your organization. It should also have clear and large printed lifeguard logo on the front to make you stand out as a lifeguard in the crowd. It is important to draw attention and to reach out to people who may need attention.

      New Arrivals Men’s Lifeguard Board Shorts

      New Arrivals Men’s Lifeguard Board Shorts

      At JustLifeguard, we pride on our designs of Men’s Lifeguard Board Shorts. When we talk about the Men’s Lifeguard Short, someone might not be able to paint a clear picture of what they actually are. In order to help you pain a mental picture of what they are and how attractive they are, here is a description of the new arrivals of Men’s Lifeguard Board Shorts we have. One of the basic thing is that they are all red and other are blue.

      Piped lifeguard board shorts

      Considering that not all people love the wide shorts, JustLifeguard found it necessary to design a slim type of lifeguard board shorts. The slim shorts comes in two distinct types. One has white lining all over the edges while the other has no such linings. It is purely red. This type of short is unique in the sense that it is a tight fitting short and with such a design the need to respect various preference. If you are that person who love slimmer shorts, then these are the perfect shorts for you.

      Other special characteristics of Our New Arrivals of Men’s Lifeguard Board Shorts

      All our new men’s lifeguard board shorts are made from a material that helps it stay dry at all times. With that idea in mind, you are assured of total dryness even after swimming over a long distance. Secondly, they all have a GUARD logo which is white in color. This particular log is conspicuous enough and can be seen from a distance. You need to get our men’s lifeguard board short today.

      Top Women’s Lifeguard Shorts For This Summer

      Top Women’s Lifeguard Shorts For This Summer

      Choosing the right pair of women’s lifeguard shorts is easy if you have the right idea what to look for. Even though there are many options out there, there are only a few things you need to worry about. Before you buy, here are a few things that will help you get the perfect pair for the job.

      What’s The Best Material?

      While there are a few different thoughts on the perfect material for lifeguard shorts, there is one that is more durable and comfortable than others. Polyester may not be fashionable for other women’s fabrics but it is ideal for this job. This material is not only lightweight but also water repelling, dries quickly, breathes easily.

      There are other fabrics like nylon or polyester hybrids, but they do not hold up as well as polyester material. The best material is one that will hold its shape, dry quickly, and give you protection all day long.

      Comfort Is Important

      We all want comfort in the clothes we wear each day and a lifeguard is no exception. In fact, a lifeguard needs clothing that is extra comfortable and loose fitting. Women’s lifeguard shorts come in styles such as:

      Lifeguard swimming shorts
      Lifeguard Bermuda shorts
      Lifeguard Board shorts

      Lifeguard Low rise shorts

      And more

      You want your Lifeguard board shorts to fit comfortably and flexible enough to move around in for several hours. It’s best to try on several styles and see which one fits best with your size and shape. Everyone has their own favorite style.

      Get Noticed

      The most important element in choosing lifeguard swim shorts is bright colors. While comfort and functionality are very important, a lifeguard must be seen from the water. Bright colors like red, orange, or yellow are common choices for these types of uniforms.

      You may even like more than one style. These top 3 things will help you select the perfect pair for your time next to the water.

      Does It Matter What Kind of Lifeguard Shorts You Wear?

      Does It Matter What Kind of Lifeguard Shorts You Wear?

      Being a lifeguard is a great job and a big responsibility. Sometimes you’re out in the sun for long hours, you would definitely want to be comfortable.

      Lifeguard board shorts are an essential part of every men’s lifeguard uniform. Here are 3 main things you should look for in the right pair of men’s lifeguard shorts.

      The Material

      When you are shopping around for the right pair of lifeguard shorts, the material is the first thing to consider. It needs to be lightweight and keep you cool when you’re not in the water. It also needs to have durable materials for you to wear many times.

      Polyester is a good material to go with because it doesn’t hold water as long as others. It’s also comfortable and won’t stiffen as is dries.

      The Color

      While you may not think the color matters with men’s lifeguard shorts, it actually helps a lot. As a lifeguard, you want to stand out in a crowd and be noticed by those who may need your help at any time. It’s a good idea to wear bright colors such as:


      These bright colors will be easily noticed in and out of the water. You want swimmers to recognize you.

      The Functionality

      You need shorts that are both lightweight and strong enough to withstand the work you do. If you’re rescuing others from the water, your lifeguard swimming shorts need to easily move with you. Stay away from big and bulky materials and choose high-quality materials like the polyester we mentioned.

      Whether your job calls you poolside or on the beach, wear board shorts that are loose-fitting, quick-drying, and durable so you can do your job well. If you can, take time to try them out before you buy them. This way, you will see if they stand up to the job.

      What’s a Lifeguard Swimsuit?

      What’s a Lifeguard Swimsuit?

      Right Lifeguard Swimsuits For Valuable Life Savers

      Lifeguards are intensely trained swimmers who are present in our pools, oceans or anywhere near large water bodies. Their main role is to keep an eye on the swimmers and come to their rescue when need arises.

      Their signature look is well-tanned bodies clothed in bright and appealing lifeguard swimsuits. They are well trained in first aid using various equipment. They are supposed to be on the lookout for the first sign of trouble in the beaches or poolside.

      Lifeguards can perform CPR and even administer emergency oxygen. They are also supposed to identify the various types in order to notice any cases of drowning.

      Choosing The Right Swimsuit

      One of the first steps when choosing the right lifeguard swimsuit is to know one’s body type. Different people have different types of bodies ranging from pear shape, hour glass shape to apple shape.

      One’s shape comes from where one naturally distributes their weight. One should measure their hips at the widest point, the waist at the smallest point while the bust is measured at the most pointed point.

      When going out to purchase a lifeguard swimsuit ensure that you select the right store that stocks the particular brand that pleases you. Online shopping can be done but it advisable to do this when one is sure of the particular brand listed.

      Choice Of Color And Fabric

      Lifeguard swimsuits come in different colors and fabrics. So when one is out shopping look for colors that will draw the eye to the most flattering part of the body.

      For example, if you want to highlight a particular feature, use a bright color or an attractive pattern. To hide a certain feature use a dull color. To add volume to a certain part of the body one can select a lifeguard swimsuit with ruffles around that area.

      To hide volume one can shirred fabric. Dark-skinned people can choose bright colored swimsuits that will brighten their skins while pale colored people may opt for black or deep earth colors such as navy blue.

      Right Cuts In Lifeguard Swimsuits

      It is also important to choose the right cut for various lifeguard swimsuits. To hide the waist, a lifeguard may go for a one piece while a tankini will show off one’s waist.

      A lifeguard with a large bust can go for boy shorts which make the hips look bigger, and this may give an illusion of the classic hourglass figure. 

      For those with short legs, one can go for high cut bikini tops that make the legs look longer. A long torso would also go well with a high bikini.


      It is important to consider what one is using the swimsuit for and its practicality. The most appropriate swimsuit for a lifeguard is a one piece which should match the color of fellow crew members. The swimsuit may require the lifeguard to add a wet suit that is necessary for efficient life-saving.

      It is also important to engage a salesperson when shopping in order to get professional help on the right fit.

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