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      News — lifeguard t-shirts

      Buying the Right Lifeguard T-Shirts

      Buying the Right Lifeguard T-Shirts


      Lifeguards have a grueling job of saving people’s life by battling the sun, water, wind, and other external weather elements. Lifeguard t-shirts are basic yet important apparel worn by lifeguards and they help in keeping them safe and comfortable. Some key tips for choosing the best lifeguard t-shirts are discussed below:

      Comfortable and Breathable

      The most important feature for lifeguard t-shirts is the comfort they provide. Lifeguards work for long hours in their uniforms and hence the uniform has to provide them total comfort during their work duration.

      Generally, lifeguard shirts are manufactured using 100% polyester or cotton which makes them lightweight. High-quality microfibers are used in the manufacturing process, which makes the t-shirts soft and more breathable. The material used is breathable so you do not have to worry about discomfort in the sun. These lifeguard shirts keep you cooler and comfortable which allows you to discharge your duties in the best manner.

      The lifeguard shirts should also be durable and should last for one complete season at least.

      Protection from Sun and UV Radiation

      One facet of working as a lifeguard is constant exposure to the sun for long hours. You may have a lifeguard umbrella for protection, but despite this most of the times you are out in the scorching sun for performing your duties. This not only causes discomfort; it can also lead to unwanted tanning and skin related diseases due to extended exposure to the harmful UV radiation. The UV protection feature of the lifeguard t-shirt works in combination with the sunscreen to protect from UV radiation.

      Quick Drying Fabric

      Lifeguards have jobs which require them to get in and out of water multiple times a day. This means that their t-shirts will get wet regularly during the day. Hence, the ideal lifeguard t-shirt should be made of fabric which can dry out quickly. T-shirts which are made from 100% polyester are not only lightweight but they also dry quickly thereby making them a perfect choice for being used as lifeguard t-shirts. Dry t-shirts also provide comfort to the lifeguards and prevent skin related ailments.

      Logo Printing

      In addition to the above qualities, the lifeguard t-shirts should also be visible to people from a distance. This helps them to locate the lifeguards and reach out to them for help. The logo of lifeguards should be printed on the t-shirts in bold and in size which is visible from far off. The color of the lifeguard shirts should also be in compliance with the regulatory requirements of the agency.

      Men's Halloween Costumes Ideas

      Men's Halloween Costumes Ideas

      Halloween is right around the corner. If you’re working beachside or poolside this season, we have a few ways you can add some creativity to your lifeguard uniform. Here are a few ideas.

      Men’s Costume Ideas

      Nothing says you’re ready to save lives like a Baywatch or Superman themed costume. Pair red and blue lifeguard board shorts with the same color tank, long sleeve, or waterproof jacket. Let’s not forget the boogie boards and lifeguard whistle.

      The red and blue themed costume will work for either of these themes. If you’re going for the Superman theme, choose a matching tank and shorts. Wear a sweatshirt or jacket and you’re ready to shed that layer when it’s time for action.

      Ideas For Women

      If the Superman theme works for men, a Wonder Woman costume is sure to attract some attention for the women lifeguard. If you want to piece this idea together, choose a full-length red suit. Then add bright blue shorts or a skirt over the top. You can add a gold headband and a red cape to complete the costume.

      A Baywatch themed lifeguard costume works for women lifeguards as well as men. If you want to pull off this costume, choose a simple, full, red suit, or a red half-tank and shorts. You can also choose a long-sleeved suit with a zipper. Then, grab your red whistle and lifeguard shorts and you’re all set.

      These are just a few Halloween lifeguard costume idea. The possibilities are endless.

      Classic Lifeguard T-Shirts

      Classic Lifeguard T-Shirts

      If you think it’s too hot outside for lifeguards to wear shirts, think again. Men’s lifeguard shirts are very important for a number of reasons. When you are looking for lifeguard clothing this summer, here are few reasons to help you buy the right shirt for you.

      Shirts Keep You Cool

      You may think this is the complete opposite, but it really is true. Even though you are in and out of the water for several hours, wearing a lifeguard t-shirts is important. You may spend a long time sitting by the pool or on the beach and never go in the water.

      Depending on the area you are working, the sun can get pretty hot and so will you. Many of the shirts that are made for this type of job are designed to keep moisture away from your body. This means both water and sweat and pulled away from you and help regulate your body temperature.

      There Is Not A Style Limit

      Not all of these shirts are made in the same way or style. In fact, you have short sleeve and long sleeve options that will help if there are cooler days. Much like lifeguard tank tops, men’s lifeguard shirts are made from 100% pre-shrunk cotton which keeps you dry and it holds up with multiple cleaning cycles.

      There are also other brands of shirts made from nylon, polyester, or spandex. All of these materials help prevent sunburn and rashes. If you live in an area where the summers are mild, think about buying both a long sleeve and a short sleeve shirt.

      A lifeguard needs to stand out from a crowd of swimmers. When you buy your shirts, make sure and get bold colors like yellow, orange, red, or even white. Most swimmers wear multi-colored lifeguard swimsuits or be sure yours is a bold, plain color.

      Essential of a Lifeguard T-Shirts

      Essential of a Lifeguard T-Shirts

      Shirt Wearing Lifeguards For A Change

      Lifeguards have trained adequately to carry out safety measures and enforce regulations at beaches or pool sides.

      We are used to seeing them in tanned bodies, generally well built and mostly shirtless since their work involves water, and getting into it. They are lifesavers in the very literal sense and are always on the lookout for any signs of trouble.

      They can be easily identified at their high-top seats overlooking the entire waterfront if it’s a beach in some scenarios or a pool in others.

      Lifeguards do need to don a few outfits once in a while. A Lifeguard shirt is one essential item.

      A Pop Of Color Maybe?

      When you hear lifeguard shirts, you automatically think of bold and bright colors that can be spotted from a distance. These colors should also be easily identifiable. Yellow, White, Orange and Red are the shades of color that are easily recognized and are associated with safety.

      Sometimes even a pop of blue can work. Especially since these shirts signify safety by the water. Visibility in these Lifeguard shirts is essential to the design.

      Who Are You?

      As is typical with any safety procedure or regulation, the person in the shirt should without difficulty be visible and identifiable. Hence the need for boldly printing the words “LIFEGUARD” on these shirts. These eight letters pack a punch when boldly printed onto a lifeguard shirt, and people respect the title and responsibility.

      The Lifeguard cross should also be visibly printed on the front or back side of the lifeguard shirts.


      Lifeguard shirts come in all shapes and sizes. Long sleeved, short sleeved, polo shirts, vests, you name it. Versatility is the name of the game.

      Round or Crew Necked shirts are quite popular in design and allow them to promptly be pulled over the neck in the event of duty and the need for swift response.


      While most may choose to stick to the words “LIFEGUARD” on the shirts, and the cross clearly displayed on it, others could easily opt to add their own company names on them. Branding on Lifeguard shirts is a welcome idea.


      Lifeguard shirts are made from the same material as sports workout gear, commonly known as moisture wicking fabric. The purpose you ask; to pull moisture away from the body. This fabric on Lifeguard shirts makes it much easier for water to evaporate from it. This material is also used to prevent Hypothermia especially for scenarios with extreme temperature changes.

      They are mostly made of nylon, polyester or spandex material. These prevent from easily getting rashes while on the job caused in some cases by sunburn or grazes.

      Some lifeguard shirts are also made of pre-shrunk cotton, while other are made of antimicrobial material. This prevents the spread of germs associated with lifeguard duties.


      The price range is dependent on the material used to fabricate the Lifeguard shirts. Branding on the shirts may make the prices increase but will totally be worth it in the end.

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