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Lifeguard Spinal Equipment

Ensure swift and safe spine board immobilization with our Lifeguard Spinal Board Kit. Designed for durability and ease of use, our kit equips Lifeguards with essential tools for managing spinal injuries in aquatic environments. Explore our selection for reliable Lifeguard Water Back Board Equipment.
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Lifeguard Spineboard Kit
Regular price$210.00
Lifeguard Spineboard Straps
Regular price$25.00
Lifeguard Head Immobilizer
Regular price$50.00
Lifeguard Spineboard
Regular price$150.00

Customer Reviews

As usual excellent service. Great quality in the joggers and hats. Recommend for all your lifeguard needs.

Aine S.

Perfect conditions and took around 5 days to get to my place. Good stuff!

Steven G.

After receiving the wrong shortd initially, customer service was super responsive and sent me the correct shorts so quickly and they are perfect. Thank you!

Duane F.

I got these shorts in a medium and I wear a size 6 in women’s pants. They fit perfectly and I love the adjustable waist. I experience chaffing usually with board shorts, but not on these! Would buy again :D

Taty’Ana M.

I love my Lifeguard sunglasses. I get so many asking where I got them and that gives me the opportunity to give out the web address lol. Great quality too. My grandson now wants a pair he is 10 so guess I'll be ordering again lol

Richard H.

These shorts are durable, lightweight, and comfortable. I highly recommend

Larry L.

It fit exactly how I expected, came in about 5 days, there is no wear and tear after 9 days of 6-11 hour constant use, and is comfortable.

Olivia R.

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