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Benefits of Having a Lifeguard Uniform

Most of the beaches issue lifeguard apparels for their employees which have all the essentials needed for the job already in the package. In case this is not the case, you will have to buy the uniform kit yourself. This would be a point where you would have to give priority to functionality over style and fashion. Go for a dress which keeps you prepared all the time so that you are ready to jump in the water at a moment’s notice even. Here are the important things you need to have with yourself before you take on this job.

Lifeguard Clothing

The usual choice is a lifeguard swimsuit for girls and boxers or trunks for men. When buying the lifeguard apparels, it is important that you go for a dress which is strong and durable so that you can even lift a person without worrying about a dress malfunction. If the authorities allow, it will be helpful for women to go with a two-piece lifeguard swimsuit since it will provide better coverage.

Lifeguard Sunglasses

Sun’s glare can often limit your visibility and make it difficult for you to look at things especially the ones in a far off distance. Wearing shades can protect your eyes and provide you better vision. Try to get one that fit perfectly on your face and are not that expensive so that you do not have to worry about them getting lost

Lifeguard Hat

Since you will be out in the sun all the time, it is important that you keep your head covered with a hat all the time. It will protect you from the heat and will help improve your visibility as well. There are a lot of hats you can make use of; straw hats, baseball caps. Go with anything that stays fit on your head and keeps you covered.

Lifeguard Footwear

Go for slip resistant socks or flip-flops since they are easy to remove and make it easy for you to move about. You need to go for footwear which protects your toes from debris and litter as well. Tennis shoes are a good option but they are not water-proof, so they might end up affecting your feet.


While sitting in the sun, what things do you think you would need? Water for sure and you would need a good sunscreen as well which would protect you from the harmful rays of the sun and prevent sunburn. Your job won’t require you to be in the water all the time. You would have plenty of time to sit idly on the sand with the sun shining down on you with its full intensity. It is important that you bring fresh water with you all the time to keep yourself well-hydrated.

Apart from this, all you need for your job is a whistle and full-time attention so that you are prepared to jump into the water and save lives when the need arises.

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