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    How To Use A Lifeguard Rescue Can

    How To Use A Lifeguard Rescue Can

    Whether at local swimming pools or at the open oceans, being a lifeguard comes with a lot of responsibilities. You have to constantly be alert and ready to literally dive in to offer assistance to anybody that may require it. Apart from being a good swimmer, a lifeguard must also be able to master certain other skills that will invariably improve competence in rescuing victims. One of such is how to use the lifeguard rescue can.

    The lifeguard rescue can is a potentially life-saving piece of equipment that is used in rescuing swimmers in distress. It is an easy to use floatation device made of hard plastic material and comes with a strap and cord. They are durable, lightweight and very buoyant, enabling lifeguards to easily support victims back to safety. Lifeguard rescue cans are usually bright in color - mostly red. They are air-filled contraptions with handles by the side and at the rear for swimmers to hold on to while being rescued. The strap affixes the rescue can to the lifeguard's body such that they are able to swim along without any drag.

    When a swimmer is in need of assistance and their distance is not too far off, the lifeguard (who at all times must have their rescue can strapped across their shoulder) should identify the appropriate mode of entry into the water. This depends on factors such as the depth of the water, the presence of an obstacle or other people in the water, the condition of the swimmer and the position of the lifeguard station. The lifeguard must then swim towards the distressed swimmer quickly from the front with the rescue can above and in front. Once within reach, the lifeguard should reassure the swimmer and instruct them to hold on tight to the rescue can via the handles at the sides or the rear and then float them back to the surface. The multiple handles on the lifeguard rescue can allow for rescuing multiple victims.

    On the other hand, when a distressed swimmer is too far out to be reached in time by the lifeguard, the rescue can may be thrown towards the swimmer, with the lifeguard holding on to the adjoining cord. The lifeguard rescue can is thrown carefully to land just beyond the swimmer who is then instructed to grab onto the rescue can via the handles. The lifeguard then carefully drags the swimmer to safety using the adjoining cord. This is also applicable to multiple victims.

    A lifeguard must be prepared to make split-second decisions and take appropriate actions as to the proper way to go about rescuing a distressed swimmer, as the safety of the swimmers is their responsibility.

    Men's Halloween Costumes Ideas

    Men's Halloween Costumes Ideas

    Halloween is right around the corner. If you’re working beachside or poolside this season, we have a few ways you can add some creativity to your lifeguard uniform. Here are a few ideas.

    Men’s Costume Ideas

    Nothing says you’re ready to save lives like a Baywatch or Superman themed costume. Pair red and blue lifeguard board shorts with the same color tank, long sleeve, or waterproof jacket. Let’s not forget the boogie boards and lifeguard whistle.

    The red and blue themed costume will work for either of these themes. If you’re going for the Superman theme, choose a matching tank and shorts. Wear a sweatshirt or jacket and you’re ready to shed that layer when it’s time for action.

    Ideas For Women

    If the Superman theme works for men, a Wonder Woman costume is sure to attract some attention for the woman lifeguard. If you want to piece this idea together, choose a full-length red suit. Then add bright blue shorts or a skirt over the top. You can add a gold headband and a red cape to complete the costume.

    A Baywatch themed lifeguard costume works for women lifeguards as well as men. If you want to pull off this costume, choose a simple, full, red suit, or a red half-tank and shorts. You can also choose a long-sleeved suit with a zipper. Then, grab your red whistle and lifeguard shorts and you’re all set.

    These are just a few Halloween lifeguard costume idea. The possibilities are endless.

    Lifeguard Shirts For Men

    Lifeguard Shirts For Men

    If you think it’s too hot outside for lifeguards to wear shirts, think again. Men’s lifeguard shirts are very important for a number of reasons. When you are looking for lifeguard clothing this summer, here are few reasons to help you buy the right shirt for you.

    Shirts Keep You Cool

    You may think this is the complete opposite, but it really is true. Even though you are in and out of the water for several hours, wearing a lifeguard t-shirts is important. You may spend a long time sitting by the pool or on the beach and never go in the water.

    Depending on the area you are working, the sun can get pretty hot and so will you. Many of the shirts that are made for this type of job are designed to keep moisture away from your body. This means both water and sweat and pulled away from you and help regulate your body temperature.

    There Is Not A Style Limit

    Not all of these shirts are made in the same way or style. In fact, you have short sleeve and long sleeve options that will help if there are cooler days. Much like lifeguard tank tops, men’s lifeguard shirts are made from 100% pre-shrunk cotton which keeps you dry and it holds up with multiple cleaning cycles.

    There are also other brands of shirts made from nylon, polyester, or spandex. All of these materials help prevent sunburn and rashes. If you live in an area where the summers are mild, think about buying both a long sleeve and a short sleeve shirt.

    A lifeguard needs to stand out from a crowd of swimmers. When you buy your shirts, make sure and get bold colors like yellow, orange, red, or even white. Most swimmers wear multi-colored lifeguard swimsuits or be sure yours is a bold, plain color.

    Trending Lifeguard Tank Tops For Women

    Trending Lifeguard Tank Tops For Women

    If you’re looking for a new lifeguard uniforms this summer, be sure and pick up a few lifeguard tank tops. Women’s lifeguard apparel comes in different styles and options. While you are searching for best one to spend your summer in, here are few things to help you.

    Choose Comfortable Fabrics

    The great thing about women’s lifeguard tank tops is that you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for fashion. There are some flattering choices on the market that will still give you the comfort you need all day.

    When you’re in the sun all day long staying focused on swimmers, you need fabric this is relaxed and not heavy. Also, heavy fabrics will keep you from moving quickly to rescue others if needed. Most tank tops are made of 100% cotton which helps you stay cool and dry.

    Customize Your Style

    There are many options available for women’s lifeguard tank top and lifeguard shirts. Depending on the amount of coverage you want, you can choose from styles including:


    Whatever style you choose, make sure and buy a bright color like red or orange. Eye-catching color makes it easier for swimmers to notice you and call quickly for help. You will easily be seen in and out of the water.

    Why Wear A Tank Top?

    Perhaps you are wondering if a lifeguard tank top is even necessary. If you are already wearing a suit, why do you need the tank top too? The answer is that it adds extra protection from the sun’s harmful rays.

    Whether you are wearing a full suit or a pair of shorts and lifeguard bikini top, a tank top will protect you from the heat and maybe keep you a little cooler. The material is lightweight and dries quickly after it gets wet.

    When you are buying women’s lifeguard tank tops this summer, keep these helpful tips in mind. Consider trying on a few different ones before you buy to help you decide which one you like best.

    Top Women’s Lifeguard Shorts For This Summer

    Top Women’s Lifeguard Shorts For This Summer

    Choosing the right pair of women’s lifeguard shorts is easy if you have the right idea what to look for. Even though there are many options out there, there are only a few things you need to worry about. Before you buy, here are a few things that will help you get the perfect pair for the job.

    What’s The Best Material?

    While there are a few different thoughts on the perfect material for lifeguard shorts, there is one that is more durable and comfortable than others. Polyester may not be fashionable for other women’s fabrics but it is ideal for this job. This material is not only lightweight but also water repelling, dries quickly, breathes easily.

    There are other fabrics like nylon or polyester hybrids, but they do not hold up as well as polyester material. The best material is one that will hold its shape, dry quickly, and give you protection all day long.

    Comfort Is Important

    We all want comfort in the clothes we wear each day and a lifeguard is no exception. In fact, a lifeguard needs clothing that is extra comfortable and loose fitting. Women’s lifeguard shorts come in styles such as:

    Lifeguard swimming shorts
    Lifeguard Bermuda shorts
    Lifeguard Board shorts

    Lifeguard Low rise shorts

    And more

    You want your Lifeguard board shorts to fit comfortably and flexible enough to move around in for several hours. It’s best to try on several styles and see which one fits best with your size and shape. Everyone has their own favorite style.

    Get Noticed

    The most important element in choosing lifeguard swim shorts is bright colors. While comfort and functionality are very important, a lifeguard must be seen from the water. Bright colors like red, orange, or yellow are common choices for these types of uniforms.

    You may even like more than one style. These top 3 things will help you select the perfect pair for your time next to the water.