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Essential of a Lifeguard T-Shirts

Shirt Wearing Lifeguards For A Change

Lifeguards have trained adequately to carry out safety measures and enforce regulations at beaches or pool sides.

We are used to seeing them in tanned bodies, generally well built and mostly shirtless since their work involves water, and getting into it. They are lifesavers in the very literal sense and are always on the lookout for any signs of trouble.

They can be easily identified at their high-top seats overlooking the entire waterfront if it’s a beach in some scenarios or a pool in others.

Lifeguards do need to don a few outfits once in a while. A Lifeguard shirt is one essential item.

A Pop Of Color Maybe?

When you hear lifeguard shirts, you automatically think of bold and bright colors that can be spotted from a distance. These colors should also be easily identifiable. Yellow, White, Orange and Red are the shades of color that are easily recognized and are associated with safety.

Sometimes even a pop of blue can work. Especially since these shirts signify safety by the water. Visibility in these Lifeguard shirts is essential to the design.

Who Are You?

As is typical with any safety procedure or regulation, the person in the shirt should without difficulty be visible and identifiable. Hence the need for boldly printing the words “LIFEGUARD” on these shirts. These eight letters pack a punch when boldly printed onto a lifeguard shirt, and people respect the title and responsibility.

The Lifeguard cross should also be visibly printed on the front or back side of the lifeguard shirts.


Lifeguard shirts come in all shapes and sizes. Long sleeved, short sleeved, polo shirts, vests, you name it. Versatility is the name of the game.

Round or Crew Necked shirts are quite popular in design and allow them to promptly be pulled over the neck in the event of duty and the need for swift response.


While most may choose to stick to the words “LIFEGUARD” on the shirts, and the cross clearly displayed on it, others could easily opt to add their own company names on them. Branding on Lifeguard shirts is a welcome idea.


Lifeguard shirts are made from the same material as sports workout gear, commonly known as moisture wicking fabric. The purpose you ask; to pull moisture away from the body. This fabric on Lifeguard shirts makes it much easier for water to evaporate from it. This material is also used to prevent Hypothermia especially for scenarios with extreme temperature changes.

They are mostly made of nylon, polyester or spandex material. These prevent from easily getting rashes while on the job caused in some cases by sunburn or grazes.

Some lifeguard shirts are also made of pre-shrunk cotton, while other are made of antimicrobial material. This prevents the spread of germs associated with lifeguard duties.


The price range is dependent on the material used to fabricate the Lifeguard shirts. Branding on the shirts may make the prices increase but will totally be worth it in the end.

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