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Essential Tips for Buying Lifeguard Swimsuits

Lifeguard swimsuits aren’t just ordinary swimwear; they are crucial gear designed to meet the unique demands of lifeguarding duties. When selecting the right lifeguard swimsuit, factors like functionality, durability, visibility, and adherence to workplace standards take precedence. Here are some essential tips to consider when purchasing lifeguard swimsuits:

1. Prioritize Functionality:

• Durable Material: Opt for swimsuits made from durable, quick-drying materials like polyester blends or chlorine-resistant fabrics. These materials endure frequent use in water environments.
• Comfortable Fit: Ensure the swimsuit offers a balance between comfort and mobility. It should allow ease of movement without causing discomfort during prolonged wear.

2. Visibility and Identification:

• Bright Colors: Lifeguard swimsuits typically come in bright, highly visible colors such as red, orange, yellow, or navy blue. These hues ensure easy identification in crowded or aquatic settings.
• Clear Lifeguard Labeling: Look for clear “Lifeguard” labeling or logos on the swimsuit. This labeling enhances visibility and identification as a lifeguard.

3. Adherence to Workplace Standards:

• Check Guidelines: Ensure the swimsuit complies with workplace or industry standards regarding coverage, colors, and any specific requirements set by lifeguarding facilities.

4. Consider Design and Features:

• Functional Elements: Look for swimsuits with practical features like adjustable straps, secure closures, or additional support features suitable for long hours of duty.

5. Test for Comfort and Fit:

• Try Different Sizes: Experiment with various sizes to find the best fit. Ensure the swimsuit provides adequate support and allows ease of movement without riding up or causing discomfort.

6. Read Reviews and Recommendations:

• Research Brands: Explore reviews or recommendations about lifeguard swimsuit brands. Feedback from other customers can provide insights into durability, comfort, and adherence to standards.


Selecting the right lifeguard swimsuit involves careful consideration of functionality, visibility, adherence to workplace standards, and comfort. By prioritizing these aspects, lifeguards can confidently choose swimsuits that meet professional standards, ensuring safety, comfort, and reliability during duty hours in aquatic environments.

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