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What is a Lifeguard Swimsuit(Swimwear)?

Lifeguards are intensely trained swimmers who are on duty at the beach or swimming pools. Their main role is to keep an eye on the swimmers and come to their rescue when need arises.

Choosing The Right Swimsuit

One of the first steps when choosing the right lifeguard swimsuit is to know one’s body type. Different people have different types of bodies.

One should measure their hips at the widest point, the waist at the smallest point while the bust is measured at the most pointed point.

When going out to purchase a lifeguard swimsuit mame sure that you select the right sizes and styles.

Choice Of Color And Fabric

Lifeguard swimsuits come in different colors. Be sure to choose a vibrant and bright color to stand out.

For example, if you want to highlight a particular feature, use a bright color or an attractive pattern. To hide a certain feature use a dull color. To add volume to a certain part of the body one can select a lifeguard swimsuit with ruffles around that area.

To hide volume one can shirred fabric. Dark-skinned people can choose bright colored swimsuits that will brighten their skins while pale colored people may opt for black or deep earth colors such as navy blue.

Right Cuts In Lifeguard Swimsuits

It is also important to choose the right cut for various lifeguard swimsuits. To hide the waist, a lifeguard may go for a one piece.


It is important to consider what one is using the swimsuit for and its practicality. The most appropriate swimsuit for a lifeguard is a one piece which should match the color of other Lifeguard swimwear.

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