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How to Create Your Own Lifeguard Costume?

5 Essential Elements of a Halloween Lifeguard Costume

With October quickly approaching, it’s time to start planning your Halloween Costume. Ever since popular movies and tv shows, like Baywatch aired the classic red Lifeguard uniform has been a go-to Halloween costume. Here are 5 essential elements to a Lifeguard Costume that’ll make you stand out from the crowd.

1. The Suit

The basis of your costume has to be the Lifeguard Tank Top and Shorts. For men, this consists of red Board Shorts. For women, opt for the traditional one-piece red suit or a two-piece bikini for a more modern look. Make sure the suit says “GUARD” on it!

2. Whistle

A Lifeguard is nothing without their whistle. How else will you let everyone know the party is here? While any color will do, pull the outfit together with a matching red whistle.

3. Fanny Pack

A lifeguard’s main priority is safety. That’s why a fanny pack filled with band aids, a CPR mask, and other essentials is important to have. Since you’re just dressing up as a lifeguard, no need to buy a first-aid kit. Instead, use the fanny pack as a purse for the night. Your phone and wallet will fit right in.

4. Protection from the Sun

Even though you’ll likely be wearing your costume at night, pull your look together with sunglasses and a hat. Pick a classic baseball hat, bucket hat, or visor in a classic red color.

5. Water Bottle

A lifeguard knows that hydration is key to doing a good job. Grab a matching white water bottle.

A Halloween Lifeguard Costume is the perfect choice. It’s easy, fun, and has endless possibilities for accessorizing!

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