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      News — Lifeguard Costume

      Halloween Lifeguard Costume 2021

      Halloween Lifeguard Costume 2021

      5 Essential Elements of a Halloween Lifeguard Costume

      With October quickly approaching, it’s time to start planning your Halloween Costume. Ever since popular movies and tv shows, like Baywatch aired the classic red Lifeguard uniform has been a go-to Halloween costume. Here are 5 essential elements to a Lifeguard Costume that’ll make you stand out from the crowd.

      1. The Suit

      The basis of your costume has to be the Lifeguard Tank Top and Shorts. For men, this consists of red Board Shorts. For women, opt for the traditional one-piece red suit or a two-piece bikini for a more modern look. Make sure the suit says “GUARD” on it!

      2. Whistle

      A Lifeguard is nothing without their whistle. How else will you let everyone know the party is here? While any color will do, pull the outfit together with a matching red whistle.

      3. Fanny Pack

      A lifeguard’s main priority is safety. That’s why a fanny pack filled with band aids, a CPR mask, and other essentials is important to have. Since you’re just dressing up as a lifeguard, no need to buy a first-aid kit. Instead, use the fanny pack as a purse for the night. Your phone and wallet will fit right in.

      4. Protection from the Sun

      Even though you’ll likely be wearing your costume at night, pull your look together with sunglasses and a hat. Pick a classic baseball hat, bucket hat, or visor in a classic red color.

      5. Water Bottle

      A lifeguard knows that hydration is key to doing a good job. Grab a matching white water bottle.

      A Halloween Lifeguard Costume is the perfect choice. It’s easy, fun, and has endless possibilities for accessorizing!

      Our Favorite Women’s Lifeguard Costumes for Halloween


      There has been a steady increase in number of people wanting to dress as lifeguards on Halloween events and parties. Dressing as a lifeguard has many advantages. It makes you stand out from others and the costume also is simple and affordable. You do not need to plan and hunt for your Halloween costume from well in advance. Some of our favorite women’s lifeguard costumes for Halloween are discussed below:

      Lifeguard Tank Top

      The lifeguard tank top is perhaps the perfect and most sought-after Halloween costume currently. The tank top can be either in white or red color which can be paired up with simple accessories and you will be ready for your Halloween party instantly. This lifeguard costume for Halloween is easy to purchase and you don’t have to break a sweat in preparing yourself for Halloween. The fabric is made from high-quality microfibers which makes lifeguard tank tops extremely soft and breathable. You will feel very comfortable for long hours during your Halloween party. The lifeguard tank top as a Halloween costume is not only simple, it is cost-effective, and low maintenance too.

      Lifeguard Shorts

      Lifeguard shorts are also perfect for pairing with lifeguard tank tops to complete your look for the Halloween party. These shorts are made generally from high-quality and 100% polyester which keeps you comfortable. The shorts can dry quickly and are very soft to ensure total comfort during your Halloween themed events. They also come with functional side pockets which you can use to carry along other accessories for your lifeguard look. The shorts also come printed with a prominent lifeguard logo on the front to emphasize and complete your look for the party. Lifeguard shorts will go a long way in making you stand out from the crowd in the Halloween party.

      Lifeguard Hoodies

      You can also consider using the lifeguard hoodies for your Halloween look especially if it is cold. These hoodies are of a vibrant red color with bold lifeguard logo inscription on the front. This will differentiate you from others in the Halloween event and complete your look as a lifeguard. The hoodies are made from a combination of polyester and cotton to make them softer and breathable to keep you totally comfortable as you enjoy your Halloween party. The front pouch pockets can be used to carry your lifeguard accessories. Lifeguard hoodies are a great choice for Halloween themed events as they are comfortable and provide excellent value for money.

      Our Favorite Men’s Lifeguard Costumes for Halloween


      There are plenty of choices when it comes to dressing up for Halloween. However, trends have shown that there is a surge in people aspiring to dress as lifeguards for Halloween events and parties. One of the biggest advantages of lifeguard costumes for Halloween is that you can get them on short notice from the stores. There is hardly any need for taking time out and planning for your Halloween costume months before the actual event. You can also use your lifeguard Halloween costume after the event which is hardly the case with other costumes.  Some of our favorite men’s lifeguard costumes for Halloween are provided below:

      Lifeguard T-Shirts

      The lifeguard t-shirt is one of the simplest yet highly popular Halloween costume for the season. You can decide to get these t-shirts in either white or red colors. The t-shirts are made using high-quality fabrics which is soft and keeps you comfortable while you enjoy your Halloween party. These t-shirts sport the lifeguard logo which is printed on the front in bold letters which highlight and exaggerate your lifeguard looks. You can hardly go wrong with lifeguard t-shirts for keeping it simple yet classy as your Halloween costume.

      Lifeguard Board Shorts

      Lifeguard board shorts are an ideal choice for your Halloween party. These are made from 100% polyester which keeps you comfortable while you party for long hours. These lifeguard board shorts are soft and breathable which provide maximum comfort for longer duration. You also get well thoughtful side pockets on the shorts which can be used to keep your smaller lifeguard accessories. Lifeguard logo is printed boldly on the front which add credibility to your lifeguard look for the Halloween event. The lifeguard board shorts are functional and comfortable choice for Halloween which are not only comfortable but durable, and long lasting too.

      Lifeguard Suites

      You can try men’s lifeguard suit which will accentuate your lifeguard looks for the Halloween. The suit comes with lifeguard shorts and a full-sleeve jacket. These lifeguard suits in appealing red and blue colors come printed on the front with lifeguard logo which complements your look for the event. The suit helps you to show off your well-toned body and become an instant hit with everyone at the Halloween event. You can round off your lifeguard looks by adding accessories like sunglasses, lifeguard whistles, life preserver prop, etc. The jacket and shorts are made from polyester which allow you to show off some skin while you rock the party.

      Men's Halloween Costumes Ideas

      Halloween is right around the corner. If you’re working beachside or poolside this season, we have a few ways you can add some creativity to your lifeguard uniform. Here are a few ideas.

      Men’s Costume Ideas

      Nothing says you’re ready to save lives like a Baywatch or Superman themed costume. Pair red and blue lifeguard board shorts with the same color tank, long sleeve, or waterproof jacket. Let’s not forget the boogie boards and lifeguard whistle.

      The red and blue themed costume will work for either of these themes. If you’re going for the Superman theme, choose a matching tank and shorts. Wear a sweatshirt or jacket and you’re ready to shed that layer when it’s time for action.

      Ideas For Women

      If the Superman theme works for men, a Wonder Woman costume is sure to attract some attention for the women lifeguard. If you want to piece this idea together, choose a full-length red suit. Then add bright blue shorts or a skirt over the top. You can add a gold headband and a red cape to complete the costume.

      A Baywatch themed lifeguard costume works for women lifeguards as well as men. If you want to pull off this costume, choose a simple, full, red suit, or a red half-tank and shorts. You can also choose a long-sleeved suit with a zipper. Then, grab your red whistle and lifeguard shorts and you’re all set.

      These are just a few Halloween lifeguard costume idea. The possibilities are endless.

      Lifeguard Halloween Costumes

      If you decided to dress up as a lifeguard this Halloween, it can be because you are a certified lifeguard, training to become one, someone who respects lifeguards, or someone who lives in a hot climate zone. There are endless reasons why you might wish to dress up as a lifeguard for Halloween, but one you have set up your mind there are a few things you might you consider. Because as soon as you start looking at costume choices and accessories, you will be lost. So to help ensure a smooth shopping process, we will take you through the things you should consider before dressing up as a lifeguard for Halloween.

      The first thing you need to decide is what kind of lifeguard you wish to dress up like, as there are a few choices. You can either dress up like a modern lifeguard, or go for an old-time lifeguard swimwear suit. If you are looking to portray a lifeguard from a certain era, you might need to rethink your choices. However, as most people feel like dressing up as modern lifeguards, they have an easier chance as getting all their bases covered.

      However, if you have your mind set on turning back the clock, there are a number of things you can try with a modern swimsuit, to make it look more vintage. One of the easiest option is to carry the old is gold look, by ensuring your overall look is in sync. From your hair to your accessories, everything has to be from the right era.

      Which is why portraying a modern lifeguard is deemed as a much easier job, as you have so many options in the market. Regardless, here are a few tips and props you will need to help portray your look as a lifeguard perfectly.

      • Tan - lifeguards are mostly tan, as they sit on the beach day after day. So if you are not naturally tan, you can either get a tan airbrushed at the salon, or you could use a tanning lotion. The choice is yours, keeping in mind what look you are after.
      • Hat - lifeguards wear hats to protect themselves from sunstroke, you can wear a panels cap, also known as a p-cap. Or if you are a woman, you can even wear a hat with a wide brim.
      • Sarong - a sarong is a loose fabric that is tied around your belly. This is mostly used by female lifeguards to help protect their bare legs from the sun. The best part it, you can take it off and put it on as you please.
      • Hand Towel - if you are a guy you can either tuck in into your trunks, or throw it over your shoulder.
      • Sunglasses - it might look silly to wear sunglasses at night, but you can wear them on your head, or place tuck them in your t-shirt or trunks. If you feel like wearing them for a short or long period, we suggest you pick sunglasses with light lenses.
      • Whistle - a whistle is an essential part of your costume, as it will tie the entire thing together.
      • Footwear - flip-flops are the most ideal choice, or you can even go for easily removable sandals.

      Apart from the essentials there are a number of accessories you can add to your outfit, such as a float, lifeguard fanny pack, binoculars, etc.

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