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Being a lifeguard comes with a shopping list of swim suits and gear that you need to buy. The lifeguard uniform is what helps you stand out from the patrons you’re protecting and your gear is what helps you do your job. Without these items, you can’t be an effective life guard. You may have some ideas in mind for where you can buy lifeguard equipment, but here’s a list...

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How to Make Your Halloween Lifeguard Costume?

How to DYI or Create the Best Lifeguard Costume for Halloween The lifeguard costume is an iconic Halloween staple. If you’re considering dressing up as a lifeguard this Halloween, you’ve come to the right place! This article will walk you through everything you need to put together the best lifeguard costume for Halloween. Lifeguard Halloween Costume for Women Here is everything you need to create the perfect lifeguard Halloween costume...

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What is a Baywatch Lifeguard Costume?

What is a Baywatch lifeguard Halloween costume There are numerous reasons why you would choose to dress up as a Lifeguard for Halloween, but once you've decided, there are a few things you should think about. To help ensure a seamless buying experience, we'll go over the things you should think about before dressing up as a Lifeguard for Halloween. The first thing you must pick is the type of...

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How to Create Your Own Lifeguard Costume?

5 Essential Elements of a Halloween Lifeguard Costume With October quickly approaching, it’s time to start planning your Halloween Costume. Ever since popular movies and tv shows, like Baywatch aired the classic red Lifeguard uniform has been a go-to Halloween costume. Here are 5 essential elements to a Lifeguard Costume that’ll make you stand out from the crowd. 1. The Suit The basis of your costume has to be the...

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Our Favorite Women’s Lifeguard Costumes for Halloween

Introduction There has been a steady increase in number of people wanting to dress as lifeguards on Halloween events and parties. Dressing as a lifeguard has many advantages. It makes you stand out from others and the costume also is simple and affordable. You do not need to plan and hunt for your Halloween costume from well in advance. Some of our favorite women’s lifeguard costumes for Halloween are discussed...

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Our Favorite Halloween Men’s Lifeguard Costumes

Introduction There are plenty of choices when it comes to dressing up for Halloween. However, trends have shown that there is a surge in people aspiring to dress as lifeguards for Halloween events and parties. One of the biggest advantages of lifeguard costumes for Halloween is that you can get them on short notice from the stores. There is hardly any need for taking time out and planning for your...

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