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New Arrivals Women’s Lifeguard Swimsuits

At JustLifeguard, everything is all about quality and day-to-day improvement and innovation. With that, we have been designing women’s lifeguard swimsuits that takes into consideration preferences, styles, body shapes and size as well as value for money. We are happy to announce that we have a variety of new women’s lifeguard swimsuits. These are new arrivals and that means that they are being introduced into the market afresh. These are new arrivals that you need to make sure you buy and enjoy them while stocks still last. Below are a number of our new arrivals of women’s lifeguard swimsuits.

Women’s lifeguard Swimsuit 2PC

From the name itself, you can see that it is a 2 piece swimsuit. What does 2 piece means? It means that buying such a swimsuit comes as a pair. It comes with a top as well as the pant. The top has got a pair of straps and these straps are actually elastic. With the fact that they are elastic, women are assured of a perfect fitting top. However, if the straps are too short even for a maximum stretch, you are free to choose a top that has longer straps so as to promote maximum comfort. The pants also come in different sizes and it is upon you to state you size during order. This lifeguard swimsuit is starting only at $20.

Women’s lifeguard swimsuit 1 PC

In this case the 1 PC comes as a full gear. The full gear means that the top is connected to the pants. As far as our esteemed customers have various preferences as well as needs, we have decided to design a full 1 PC swimsuit. There are those who prefer the suit as a full one piece while other love it when it is separate. The Women’s lifeguard swimsuit 1 PC is designed in such a way that it can stretch. The straps on the upper body section are elastic. These enhances perfect fit. If you are that person who loves full dresses or gears, then these are the best for you.

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