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      News — Lifeguard Swimsuit

      Why Lifeguard Bathing Suit 1PC is Ideal?

      Women’s Lifeguard Swimsuit Cross Back 1PC - A functional cross back ensures the stylish and comfort of the Lifeguard Swimsuits. The quick-drying technology will keep you dry and feeling comfortable after every swim. With a stylish fit and modern design, these lightweight 1PC Lifeguard Swimsuits Cross Back is a popular choice.

      Our Cross Back 1PC Lifeguard Swimsuit has been designed to achieve the perfect balance of comfort and stylish. The lightweight fabric is designed to keep you stay comfortable all day long.

      These Lifeguard Swimsuits are built with fully lined 80% Nylon / 20% Lycra that provides you support and comforts. Featuring a “GUARD” logo on the front, these Stylish Lifeguard Swimsuits are ideal for any female Lifeguard.

      ● It features a comfortable and flattering cross-back design.
      ● The removable cups and padding can be removed for the perfect fit and added comfort.
      ● Color: Red
      ● Materials: 80% Nylon / 20% Lycra

      Choosing The Best Lifeguard Bathing Suit 1PC

      These Lightweight Lifeguard Wide Strap Swimsuits feel comfortable and lightweight to the touch. The fully lined 100% polyester fabric will retain its form after repeated washings. Make it your go-to suit for your next swim and dive. You'll love the feel of this suit because it's perfect for any variety of activities.

      These Wide Straps Swimsuits are made with 47% Pbt And 53% Polyester. A “GUARD” logo is placed on the chest for visibility and identity. A built-in shelf bra gives you extra support and comfort. The long-lasting color retention technology helps protect it from fading, so it can be worn for many years to come. These High-quality Lifeguard Swimsuits are designed to be hand washed for easy care.

      ● They are designed to fit well and enhance your experience.
      ● These swimsuits are made from high quality materials.


      ● Color: Red
      ● Materials: 47% PBT / 53% Polyester.

      Why Do Women Like 1PC Lifeguard Adjustable Straps Swimsuit?

      Women’s Lifeguard Swimsuit Adjustable 1PC - These Adjustable Lifeguard Bathing Suit are moisture-wicking, quick-drying, and chlorine-resistant, thanks to advanced fabric technology. These suits are made to keep you comfortable in all kinds of water. The breathable, quick-dry performance fabrics allow you to move easily, allowing you to stay relaxed and focused on your performance. These Lifeguard Swimwear are perfect for the upcoming swimming season.

      These Lifeguard Swimsuits are designed for performance and comfort. Made with 47% PBT / 53% polyester materials that breathe easy to keep you dry. Featuring a padded inner lining and adjustable straps for a custom fit that will help you stay secure and comfortable while in the water.

      ● The enhanced fit will maintain its shape.
      ● The comfortable "GUARD" logo on the chest adds a subtle touch of style to your swimwear.
      ● With an adjustable strap and removable cups, these Comfortable Lifeguard Swimsuits can give you both comfort and mobility.

      How to Care for Your Lifeguard Swimsuits

      Never use chlorine treated water when washing your swim suits

      Your Lifeguard Swimsuit should be washed with detergent to remove all debris and chemicals. This is because chlorine tend to bleach the fabric hence leading to a slow fading color. On the other hand, fabrics used in making these swimsuits may be affected by the chlorine detergents and eventually make them weak and soft. It is very crucial therefore to avoid such detergents at all costs.

      Machine Wash

      Washing machines work by the principle of mixing both the detergents and the garments.

      Hand wash your swim suits and never soak them

      Considering that lifeguard swimsuits are made of special fabrics, it is very crucial to make sure that you use the right detergents. Moreover, just consider washing them with your own hands and never soak them in detergents.


      Buying the Right Swimsuit

      A lifeguard is an individual who looks after the safety of the common public near a swimming pool or at the beach. They are expert swimmers who are professionally trained to carry out life-saving acts. These lifeguards carry types of equipment that might save the life of a person. Major equipment they include in their service like first aid, rescue kit, trauma bags, and oxygen.

      It is a rewarding career for passionate swimmers who do not want to work in long-term employment. Though the percentage of the swim gear is provided to you, sometimes you may be required to purchase your own lifeguard gears.

      When shopping, look for these...


      Look out for the lifeguard swimsuit that can sustain the entire summer as you need to wear it every day irrespective of the outside weather. Although you might even need to spend a few extra bucks but buy the best product in the market. It should hold many washes and daily roughness so that you won’t purchase another one in the mid-year.


      Along with the durability factor in the swimwear, you also need to consider the comfort factor in the swimsuit. The swimsuit should carry the comfort factor in it and your priority so it would last the hot summers. Take note of your working shifts and the time you need to spend in the waters. Wearing uncomfortable swimsuits for the entire day would create a lot of problems and take a longer time for drying. Instead, pick swimwear that has faster drying, as you need to dive in the water soon.


      Above the other two key factors, you also need to get a lifeguard swimwear that fits with your body. For this purpose, you need to wear different swimwear before picking the right one. If this is not possible, take someone’s help in the measuring and then look out for the perfect one according to your size and fit. This will help you perfect and also the best fabric that can last longer than any other swimwear in the summers.

      You need specific sets of swimwear and clothing for you to work as a lifeguard. Let the people come out to you in times of need and let them know that you are the best person for help. Before zeroing in with the selection, look out for which swimwear or apparel is best for you. The above tips will help you in finalizing and ensure that you picking the right one with ease and convenience in your lifeguard job

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