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      News — Lifeguard Swimsuit

      How to Care for Your Lifeguard Swimsuits

      Never use chlorine treated water when washing your swim suits

      Your Lifeguard Swimsuit should be washed with detergent to remove all debris and chemicals. This is because chlorine tend to bleach the fabric hence leading to a slow fading color. On the other hand, fabrics used in making these swimsuits may be affected by the chlorine detergents and eventually make them weak and soft. It is very crucial therefore to avoid such detergents at all costs.

      Machine Wash

      Washing machines work by the principle of mixing both the detergents and the garments.

      Hand wash your swim suits and never soak them

      Considering that lifeguard swimsuits are made of special fabrics, it is very crucial to make sure that you use the right detergents. Moreover, just consider washing them with your own hands and never soak them in detergents.


      Buying the Right Swimsuit

      A lifeguard is an individual who looks after the safety of the common public near a swimming pool or at the beach. They are expert swimmers who are professionally trained to carry out life-saving acts. These lifeguards carry types of equipment that might save the life of a person. Major equipment they include in their service like first aid, rescue kit, trauma bags, and oxygen.

      It is a rewarding career for passionate swimmers who do not want to work in long-term employment. Though the percentage of the swim gear is provided to you, sometimes you may be required to purchase your own lifeguard gears.

      When shopping, look for these...


      Look out for the lifeguard swimsuit that can sustain the entire summer as you need to wear it every day irrespective of the outside weather. Although you might even need to spend a few extra bucks but buy the best product in the market. It should hold many washes and daily roughness so that you won’t purchase another one in the mid-year.


      Along with the durability factor in the swimwear, you also need to consider the comfort factor in the swimsuit. The swimsuit should carry the comfort factor in it and your priority so it would last the hot summers. Take note of your working shifts and the time you need to spend in the waters. Wearing uncomfortable swimsuits for the entire day would create a lot of problems and take a longer time for drying. Instead, pick swimwear that has faster drying, as you need to dive in the water soon.


      Above the other two key factors, you also need to get a lifeguard swimwear that fits with your body. For this purpose, you need to wear different swimwear before picking the right one. If this is not possible, take someone’s help in the measuring and then look out for the perfect one according to your size and fit. This will help you perfect and also the best fabric that can last longer than any other swimwear in the summers.

      You need specific sets of swimwear and clothing for you to work as a lifeguard. Let the people come out to you in times of need and let them know that you are the best person for help. Before zeroing in with the selection, look out for which swimwear or apparel is best for you. The above tips will help you in finalizing and ensure that you picking the right one with ease and convenience in your lifeguard job

      Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

      Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

      These three R’s hold great importance for sustainable living for human beings, animals, and other living beings on earth. These are interconnected with each other for the betterment of the entire planet. It also helps the people to bring down the quantity of wastage along with creating an environment that is conducive for other living beings to breathe.

      How can you cut down on waste materials?

      Though are there are various ways through which you can bring down the amount, but below are the golden rules for practice:

      The first step is to remove the quantity of wastage you produce every day. This will ensure the total reduction in the number of wastages produced in the entire month.
      You need to reuse the items before removing them.
      Practice recycling of items at all times.

      Practicing the best use of the three R’s will help to lower the number of spaces that you require to dispose of the waste materials. These three R’s also enable you to cut down on energy, lowers landfill, and saves a significant amount of money.

      How to reduce the production of waste?

      The first one guides you to reduce the quantity of waste.Follow the below ideas:

      Buy items specific to your needs.
      Pick the products that are having less package system.
      Always purchase in large quantities.
      Implement re-use of items, if possible

      If you minimize the quantity of waste, then it will help to create an environment around you that is beneficial for all living beings.

      How can you reuse items?

      The second burning question is how to reuse the items that you already own? You can consider the below ideas:

      Always carry your water bottle with you, avoid buying a new one.
      If your computer or laptop has become old, try to update with new software updates. Dissuade from throwing it away or replacing it.
      Never use plastic bags, instead pick the eco-friendly bags whenever possible.

      You are not only contributing to a safer environment but also save your hard-earned money in the due course.

      How to recycle the products after use?

      You need to look for reusable items, which means that the items that will fulfill your other purpose.

      The materials for recycling may include

      Lead Batteries

      If you are thinking to throw any item, just give a deep thought to how you can put it into use for recycling.


      Deep thinking can impact the actions for creating a healthier environment.


      It means putting the use of waste materials into further use.

      Benefits of Lifeguard Swimsuit 1PC

      Lifeguards have a very demanding and challenging job. They need to spend long and strenuous working hours under the sun and in water trying to ensure everyone’s safety. The right kind of gear and lifeguard swimsuit play an important role in ensuring that they are comfortable and are able to perform their duties in the best possible manner. The female lifeguard swimsuits has evolved considerably over time and there are plenty of options available in the market. The one-piece lifeguard swimsuit is one of the oldest apparel available which continues to be popular even now. Some of the benefits of women’s lifeguard swimsuits 1PC are as follows:

      Better Aerodynamics and Performance

      Lifeguard swimsuits should provide them comfort to swim across the water without hampering their performance. A one-piece lifeguard swimsuit is considered to be more aerodynamic than the two-piece swimsuit and it aid the performance of lifeguards while swimming. It is also tighter and fits snugly on your body which makes you more aerodynamic and thermodynamic. Lifeguard swimsuits which are made using only one piece of fabric will not have chafing and drag when compared to swimsuits with multiple seams. It also provides assurance to the women lifeguards that irrespective of how rough the conditions are, the swimsuit will stay intact and in its place. Women’s lifeguard swimsuits 1PC also offers a bit of compression aiding with muscle recovery.

      Improved Protection

      Lifeguards have to spend plenty of time in the sun and in water and thus the women’s lifeguard swimsuits should be designed to provide them ample protection from the weather elements. One of the biggest advantages of wearing a one-piece lifeguard bathing suit is that it covers more skin and protects the lifeguards from the harsh sun, especially in the summer. This prevents sunburns and skin ailments. One-piece lifeguard swimsuits also protect the lifeguards when they are in the water. It protects more portion of the skin from cuts, bruises, infestation, etc. which can lead to health problems later.

      More Comfortable

      Women’s lifeguard swimsuits 1PC are generally more comfortable than two-piece swimsuit. They dry quicker than which helps to keep the lifeguards comfortable. One-piece lifeguard swimsuits also retain heat better which can help the lifeguards on a cold day. Another benefit of using one-piece swimsuit is that unlike the two-piece swimsuits it is not tied behind the neck. This means that there are no related neck problems, aching shoulders, headaches, and tension along the upper back area, which is quite common with two-piece lifeguard swimsuits.


      Women’s 1PC Lifeguard Swimsuit w/ Adjustable Straps

      Our women’s lifeguard swimsuit with adjustable straps 1PC fulfills all requirements of a female lifeguard.

      ● Removable cup and padding
      ● One piece
      ● Adjustable straps
      ● 47% PBT and 53% polyester
      ● Fully lined 100% polyester
      ● Soft and comfortable material
      ● Durable and tailor-made
      ● Lightweight
      ● A “GUARD” logo on the swimsuit

      This Lifeguard Swimsuit is perfect fitting and versatility allow you to perform well in the water as required.

      Every female lifeguard has a different requirement. If you think a one-piece fulfills your requirement then go for it without second thoughts.

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