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What Kind of Swimsuits Do Lifeguard Wear?

What Do Lifeguards Wear on Duty?

Lifeguards can wear a variety of different uniforms, depending on their personal style and their employer's requirements. Many lifeguards working for municipalities or other government entities will wear red swimsuits with a white stripe running down the side. Private lifeguard services may have their own unique uniforms. One thing that's for sure is that women lifeguards wear bathing suits while men will wear board shorts. If you are curious about the different styles of lifeguard attire, you've come to the right place! Continue reading to learn more about what lifeguards wear on duty.

Women’s Lifeguard Swimsuits

For women lifeguards, it's all about making an effortless style statement with your outfit! A sleek red swimsuit with white lettering is the epitome of professionalism. For the sportier lifeguards, a two-piece bathing suit in red and white is a great look. Some women's lifeguard swimsuits are even high-waisted, which can offer more coverage and security. They can also be paired with a lifeguard tank or lifeguard athletic shorts, depending on your work environment.

One-Piece Lifeguard Swimsuits

If you love the traditional lifeguard look, a bright red one-piece suit with white accents is the perfect choice for you. It is professional, yet still appropriate for having some fun in the sun. If you want to make sure you are covered up and protect your midsection from sun exposure, a one-piece red swimsuit with white lettering is the way to go.

Two-Piece Lifeguard Swimsuits

For women who love to have a bit more freedom and fun with their beachwear, a two-piece lifeguard swimsuit is the way to go. These suits feature a red swim set with white accents. The colors perfectly match the hues of the traditional one-piece design. However, instead of having that all-in-one look, it features separate pieces for the top and bottom.

You can even find two-piece lifeguard swimsuits in the tankini style. This option features a bit more coverage and UV protection on your midsection, while also giving you the same freedom of movement that a regular two-piece swimsuit offers.

Men’s Lifeguard Swimsuits

For male lifeguards, the style options are a bit more limited. However, all lifeguard swimsuits will feature that classic red color with white accents. Men’s lifeguard swimsuits typically consist of swim trunks or board shorts. You can find these in a variety of lengths and styles.

Lifeguard Boardshorts

If you are looking for a fashionable option that gives you the freedom of movement you need as a lifeguard, a pair of lifeguard board shorts is the way to go. Lifeguard board shorts are the perfect option when it comes to saving lives, swimming, surfing, and more.

Other Lifeguard Apparel

Depending on where you work, some places will also allow their lifeguards to sport a lifeguard tank-top, t-shirt, or even athletic shorts over their lifeguard swimsuits. Adding another layer to your lifeguard uniform is a great way to stay protected from the sun on hotter days or stay warm on cooler days. You can also add hats, visors, or even fanny packs. The options are endless!

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