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What's a Lifeguard Umbrella?


A Lifeguard Umbrella protects the Lifeguard against direct sunlight, wind, and rain. Constant exposure to these external weather elements can cause many health issues which can prevent the lifeguards from discharging their duties properly. Hence, Lifeguard Umbrella is must-have equipment for any Lifeguard. You can consider the below-mentioned tips for buying the ideal Lifeguard Umbrella.  

Proper Sun Protection

Lifeguard Umbrellas should provide you good protection from the sun. They should be flexible and you should be able to move and bend them with the sun to protect yourself from sunlight. Some umbrellas can protect you from direct sunlight, but are permeable to UV radiation which does not protect you completely from the dangers of skin related ailments and health conditions. There are umbrellas which are made from fabric that provide you protection from the UV rays. You should select the lifeguard umbrellas which provide good protection to you from the sun and its harmful UV radiation.

Wind Resistant

The Lifeguard Umbrellas will be placed near to the pool or sea and will be exposed to some windy conditions, especially if put near the sea. In the eventuality of a storm or heavy wind, the Lifeguard Umbrellas can get easily damaged. Thus, you should check the wind resistance of the umbrella before purchasing it. Wind resistant Lifeguard Umbrellas are double layered and have small holes in it which allows the wind to pass through it and the umbrella is not damaged due to it.

Chlorine Resistant

Your Lifeguard Umbrella will be located close to the pool or sea as the case may be. You should always buy lifeguard umbrellas which are resistant to chlorine and salt. Chlorine and salt have the tendency to fade the fabric color and damage it eventually. That’s why you should check with the manufacturer if the umbrella is chlorine and salt resistant or not before making the buying decision.


Once you are satisfied on all counts that the Lifeguard Umbrella is ideal for you, it is important to check on the warranty also. These umbrellas will often be subjected to scorching sun, rainfall, and other external weather elements which can cause them to get damaged very quickly. Warranty will help you to be covered against these potential damages till the warranty term. Warranty also signifies that the manufacturers trust their product and you are purchasing a high-quality Lifeguard Umbrella which will last for a long time. Good Lifeguard Umbrella will come with at least 1-year warranty.

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