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What is the Best Lifeguard Swim Shorts for Men

A Lifeguard’s Uniform is atypical from what is typically worn at the workplace. However, you still want to make sure they fit just right and are ready for any action that comes. Finding the right pair of swim shorts is vital to staying comfortable and ready while on duty.

How Long Should They Be?

You won’t find a male Lifeguard wearing a small speedo. While this type of suit may be good for racing, it’s not the best for the duties of a Lifeguard. It’s best to have a pair of Lifeguard Board Shorts.

These Lifeguard Swim Shorts should be a bit shorter than your average pair of swim trunks. You want as much movement and flexibility as possible when you have on your uniform. Too long of shorts can interfere with your mobility entirely and cause you to not be able to carry out your job in the best manner possible.

What Material Should They Be?

You want to make certain that your Lifeguard Swim Shorts are made with a rash-free material. You don’t want to end up with a rash and chaffing throughout the day. A rash-free material will make sure you’re comfortable and without any sore spots to distract you. Also, this goes without saying, make sure that the shorts are waterproof and are of a material that won’t hold onto water for long and weighs you down.

Any Details?

Make sure your shorts have large pockets that you can store supplies in without it hindering your movement. There same pockets should have drainage holes and be of a mesh or lightweight material that won’t cling on to any water.

What Qualities Should They Have?

Your uniform is nothing to look over lightly as a Lifeguard. Make sure to look out for these qualities in your next pair of lifeguard swim shorts:

  1. Comfort - If you’re uncomfortable in your uniform, you won’t be able to focus as well on what’s at hand.
  2. Flexibility- Make sure that your swim shorts allow for movement. This should be throughout the leg and within the waistband. Remember to not have the shorts too long to where they slow you down.
  3. Durability - You want your swim shorts to stand the test of time. Make sure they’re of high quality, rash-free material and are made with durability in mind. You don’t want to end up buying a new pair of shorts half way through the season. Or worse, ripping a hole in them at work.
  4. Following the Dress Code - This goes without saying, but make sure your shorts are the classic Red Lifeguard color and state Lifeguard somewhere on them so that patrons at the pool know who you are.

Look Around

Keep looking for the best pair of Lifeguard Board Shorts that meet your needs. Comfort varies for everyone, so don’t be discouraged if the first pair you try doesn’t fit just right.

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