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How to Choose the Right Lifeguard Sunglasses?

If you work as a beach or outdoor pool Lifeguard, you know how vital sunglasses are to your job. Not only will squinting from the sun for hours on end give you a massive headache, but the glare from the sun can also interrupt your work. You must have a good pair of sunglasses that allow you to clearly see any threats in the water and handle the situation accordingly.

Why Wear Sunglasses?

There’s nothing cool about not wearing sunglasses when you’re on duty. Glasses can help you see further and more clearly for better accuracy when looking out for threats in the water. Also, prolonged exposure to the sun’s rays can cause major eye problems like cataracts or macular degeneration. With the amount of time some Lifeguards spend outside, a good pair of sunglasses are essential.

What to Take into Account When Choosing Lifeguard Sunglasses

  1. Polarized Glasses. For Lifeguards, polarized glasses are a must. The anti-glare properties allow lifeguards to scan the water without the harsh reflection of the sun on the water glaring back at them.
  2. Durability. As a Lifeguard, you won’t have time to neatly remove your sunglasses before diving into the water to make a save. Find a pair that can stand up against jumps into the pool or ocean and the swim to, from, and during the rescue process.
  3. Plastic Over Glass. Make sure that your sunglass lenses are plastic rather than glass. You never know when your glasses may fall from the stand or to the bottom of the pool during a save. The last thing you want to happen is a patron stepping in a pile of glass shards that are from your doing.
  4. Action. You want a pair of sunglasses that are likely to stay on as you make your saves. Sport sunglasses are great because they’re made for a life in motion. You’re not just lounging in a chair all day. You are expected to jump in to action at any time. Make sure your sunglasses have the properties to keep up with the responsibilities of your job.
  5. Comfort. You don’t want to spend your time on the stand distracted by your sunglasses that don’t fit just right. Pushing the nose bridge into place or adjusting how the glasses sit on your ears distracts from the important work you should be focused on.
  6. Prescription. If you need glasses or contacts to see, invest in a pair of prescription sunglasses. Your future self will thank you for avoiding the dreaded sting that comes from contacts mixing with chlorine or salt water.

Does Price Matter?

Price doesn’t matter when it comes to sunglasses for Lifeguards. There’s no need to invest in expensive designer brands. Make sure that your sunglasses meet all of the requirements above and you’ll be good to go. Often the expensive sunglasses are given the high price-point because of the designer label, not the quality. Choose your Lifeguard Sunglasses based on function rather than fashion.

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