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      News — Lifeguard Sunglasses

      Choosing the Right Lifeguard Sunglasses

      Choosing the Right Lifeguard Sunglasses

      Sunglasses are a very important part of your attire. Apart from giving you a style, they are a protective eye-wear designed to save your eyes from bright sun light and high energy radiations. It is suggested to use sunglasses whenever a person goes out in the sun to avoid the damage to the eyes. They are important for the protection of your vision especially when you are a lifeguard who has to spend a lot of time on sunny beach looking after the people. Also, the glasses must be used after an eye surgery or your vision might get harmed irreversibly. It is not only difficult to see in bright sunlight but it is also damaging to your vision. Sunglasses come with lenses that are colored, darkened or polarized. They provide protection against ultraviolet radiations, exposure to which may cause short term or long term eye problems.

      It is clear that eyeglasses are a must have accessory for a lifeguard. They make you look fashionable as well as they protect your eyes. It is important to pick up the right pair of sunglasses that would not only do a good job protecting your eyes but will also suit on your face. The light directly from the sun or reflected from the sea water might produce glare in your eyes affecting your vision and in turn hampering you from doing your duties vigilantly.

      Polarized sunglasses work best for a lifeguard. To find out if your glasses are polarized, just look at the reflection of any object through the window panel. The turn the sunglasses around, if the intensity of object does not change, the glasses are not polarized. Get yourself polarized glasses if you don’t already have a pair.  The polarized sunglasses reduce the glare produced by the sunlight reflected from the sand or water. They also make the water more transparent allowing you to see the objects inside the water, helping you spot a person in need easily.

      There is wide variety of sunglasses available to choose from. From designs to colors, there are a hundred options available. All type of designs and modernized classics are trending this year. The oversized glasses are still in the fashion this year. Also the designs that make you look like sci-fi character right from a movie are also in. Just like last year, sunglasses with double wire are still a major fashion fever. Also the glasses that look plastic and the ones with funky geometry are in. The aviator style glasses are back in fashion. They can be a good choice for you since they offer quite a lot of coverage. Flat on the top and cat eyed ones are not out either. Before you choose your design, make sure it would be comfortable to wear and would meet your needs.

      For a lifeguard it is recommended to go for plastic lens rather than glass ones since they can fall off and break. The lens color should be green, grey, brown or amber and the design should be oversized or wrap around to give the maximum coverage for effective protection. Polarized sunglasses are a must since they reflect back the maximum amount of sunlight but they are a little expensive. But we assure you that they are worth the price.

      Lifeguard sunglasses can be bought off many online stores offering the high quality sunglasses in a reasonable price. Accessorizing yourself in the appropriate way is just as important as picking up the right clothes. Do not risk the health of your eyes by making a poor choice. As it is said, life’s a beach, but only if you wear good sunglasses!

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