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What Tank Tops Do Lifeguard Wear?

Lifeguard Tank Tops 

In All Shapes and Sizes

Tank tops are a sleeveless and very versatile wardrobe item that can be worn individually on a hot summer day, when on the beach or while cooling off. They can also be worn underneath a loose fitting shirt or blouse to keep warm on much colder days. It’s close fitting, has a low neck

Our Lifeguard Tank Tops can be worn by both men and women. They are also a popular clothing item for lifeguards at the beach or at pool sides which allow them to show off their toned arms and well-sculpted bodies in them.

Lifeguard tank tops are an ideal accessory for this line of work and come in very handy in hot and humid areas.


Be it a bold red color with the white prints on it, which you could also switch out for a white tank top with red prints on it, these visible shades of color allow for one to have a variety of options to choose from when looking at Lifeguard tank tops.

For those willing to stand out a little bit more, they can choose a bright yellow color with red prints on. This Lifeguard tank top screams safety for miles and miles.

If you prefer a more laidback look, sapphire colored Lifeguard tank tops are available too.


These Lifeguard tank tops come in all shapes and sizes and made from various fabrics. Some Lifeguard tank tops are made of nylon infused with a bit of extra life Lycra. This addition allows for resistance from substances such as chlorine which are commonly encountered on the job as a Lifeguard.

The elasticity fitted in them allows for them to fit any and all sized ranging from extra small to 3XL. Some Lifeguard tank tops are made of 100% cotton for a much warmer and comfortable feel.

Lifeguard tank tops made from polyester allow them to retain their shape and bold color a bit longer and also helps them dry off much faster which is ideal for places with cold weather. Others are made from moisture wicking material that allows for the rapid evaporation of water and sweat from the fabric keeping you comfortable for as long as possible.

Slim Fit, Loose Fit or Cropped?

They can be loose fitting or tight fitting.

If you are interested in showing off a bit of that decked out midriff section you have been working on for a while now, they also come in crop topped sizes as well.

For the ladies, the fitted Lifeguard tank tops also sometimes referred to as tankini tops are fitted with a shelf bra for support. The opaque lining also comes in handy.

Something A Little Extra

The print on these Lifeguard tank tops doesn’t particularly have to have the words “GUARD” on the front and back. The Lifeguard cross is an alternative print option. Companies could also choose to spend a little more on the branding of these tank tops for brand visibility purposes. A little advertising never hurt.

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