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What is the Differences Between 1PC & 2PC Lifeguard Swimsuit?

While most parts of the Lifeguard uniform are standard across the board, some elements are up to individual personalization. If you’re a female Lifeguard you can choose to wear a one-piece swimsuit or a two-piece depending on what you like. However, what are the pros and cons of each choice? What should you pick? Let’s see!

Pros of a One-Piece Suit

1PC Lifeguard Swimsuits are fairly common for female Lifeguards. Used in swim races, 1PC are the fastest option you can wear as far as competitive swimming. You won’t have to worry about the suit slipping off or up during a save.

This suit is ideal for Lifeguards that have to be in the water more often. For instance, if you teach swim lessons or work at the bottom of a water slide, this suit will make sure you can stay active and confident during your job. Also, if you work indoors, this suit may keep you warmer and serve as a more conservative dress option.

Cons of a One-Piece Suit

Get the right 1PC Lifeguard Swimsuit and comfort will be no problem. However, guards often complain of levels of comfort when their one-piece suit doesn’t fit quite right. This can lead to rashes on the shoulders and around the groin if the suit is too tight. A one-piece can also be more difficult to get in and out of quickly during bathroom breaks.

Pros of a Two-Piece Suit

2PC Lifeguard Swimsuits are often used by beach or outdoor pool Lifeguards to avoid the dreaded one-piece suit tan line. They can also be a more comfortable option because there’s less material. You won’t have to worry about sweat collecting on your stomach and sides during hot summer days on the stand. Also, though attractiveness shouldn’t be a concern of yours as a Lifeguard, they do provide a more stylish look for the modern Lifeguard.

Cons of a Two-Piece Suit

Some aquatic facilities don’t allow two pieces because of a dress code. However, if you’re set on having the luxury of a 2PC for comfort and easy adjustments, ask if you can wear a tankini. These are similar to the style of a bikini, but have extra material to cover up the back and stomach. You have the luxury of taking quicker bathroom breaks while staying in line with the dress code.

If you get the right Lifeguard Swimsuit, like the ones we sell, your swimsuit will be made with durability in mind. Rather than a recreational two-piece, lifeguard two-pieces will sit snug on your hips, ensuring no slippage occurs. Still, if this is a top concern for you, a one-piece may be the better option for you.

Final Verdict

Both one-piece and two-piece swimsuits are allowed by most pools and beaches for Lifeguards to wear. This decision is not done without consideration for performance and functionality. Therefore, it’s truly up to you which option of a uniform you choose. Whatever makes you feel comfortable, confident, and ready to work is the best choice you can make. Find a suit that’s just right for you on our site.

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