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How to Use a Lifeguard Spineboard?

First, understanding the proper way of using a lifeguard spineboard kit is important. It’s recommended to stay up to date and know how to use your your lifeguard spineboard effectively. Here’s what you need to stay prepared when saving lives.

When to Use a Spineboard

A spineboard is used when the potential for a spinal injury has occurred. If you suspect a victim may have hit their head or injured their spinal cord and needs to be stabilized, a lifeguard spineboard is the recommended rescue equipment. This can ensure that no further damage happens to the victim’s head, neck, and spine when removing them from the water.

Parts of the Spineboard Kit

A typical spine board is equipped with:

A long board for the entire body to rest on
3-4 straps to secure the body.
2 head blocks
Forehead strap
Chin Strap


How to Use the Spineboard

The spineboard kit is equipped with many straps to secure the vI Tim onto the board and eliminate movement. Follow these steps when using a spineboard:

1. Manually stabilize the victim’s head while placing them onto the lifeguard spineboard. Make sure the victim is fully secured and stabilized to the spineboard.
2. Secure straps across the victim’s body.
3. Place head immobilizers onto sides of the head.
4. Secure chin and forehead straps.
5. Remove the victim from the pool.

Always have a Spineboard Kit near you when lifeguarding to ensure you’re ready for any unseen scenario.

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