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What is a Spineboard?

What is a Spineboard?

Lifeguard Spineboard Kits: What They Are and How They’re Used As a lifeguard, you have to be prepared for anything. Swimmers can experience injuries ranging from minor cuts to major slips resulting in concussions or even spinal injuries. When emergency scenarios arise, you will need the proper equipment on hand so that you can ensure that the swimmer is safely cared for. In some cases, this means using a lifeguard...

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How to Clean Your Lifeguard Rescue Equipment?

How to Clean Your Lifeguard Rescue Can, Rescue Tube, Spineboard/Water Backboard, Buoys, etc. Lifeguard keeps a close eye on swimmers and visitors at pools, beaches, waterparks, and lakes and are ready to jump into action to give life-saving care at a moment's notice. In 2017, the United States Lifesaving Association's Lifeguard performed 75,951 rescues at beaches around the country and provided medical attention and first aid in 546,707 cases. Lifeguard...

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How To Use A Lifeguard Spineboard?

First, understanding the proper way of using a lifeguard spineboard kit is important. It’s recommended to stay up to date and know how to use your your lifeguard spineboard effectively. Here’s what you need to stay prepared when saving lives. When to Use a Spineboard A spineboard is used when the potential for a spinal injury has occurred. If you suspect a victim may have hit their head or injured their spinal...

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How To Use A Lifeguard Spineboard

You have to be prepared for any scenario as a Lifeguard. Injuries aren’t pretty and can range from a simple cut that needs a band aid to a serious spinal injury. To deal with this emergency, the use of a Lifeguard Spineboard, otherwise known as a back board, is vital to saving the swimmer.   When Do You Use a Lifeguard Spineboard? The use of a Lifeguard Spinal Board is...

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