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      News — Lifeguard Spineboard

      How to Use a Lifeguard Spinebord

      How to Use a Lifeguard Spinebord

      Lifeguard spineboard kit is an important equipment which enables the lifeguards to perform rescue operations for victims. The below-mentioned steps should be followed for using the lifeguard spineboard.

      Place the Victim on the Spineboard

      You should place the victim on your lifeguard spineboard kit. You can put the rescue tube under victim’s knees to raise the legs and make it easier to place the board under them. The spineboard should be positioned below the victim to ensure that the head will be within the restraint box. Once the spineboard is in place, the primary lifeguard should lower the victim’s arms and move behind the head to put a rescue tube under the head of the board. The primary lifeguard should balance the board on rescue tube and stabilize the victim’s head by placing their hands along it.

      Stabilize the Spineboard

      After you have placed the victim safely on your lifeguard spineboard kit, you should start to stabilize the spineboard. You should work along with your secondary lifeguard to dip the rescue tube beneath the water and position it under the head of the spineboard. You should do the same stabilization procedures near the foot of the board.

      Strap the Victim Securely

      The victim should be securely strapped to the spineboard before rescuing. The first strap on the lifeguard spineboard kit should be secure over the victim’s arm and chest. This ensures that the victim is secured to the spineboard and will not slip down while rescuing. The remaining straps can be placed over other body parts after the first strap has been securely fastened.

      Secure the Head Restraints

      After securing the victim’s body to the lifeguard spineboard kit, you must secure their head by using the head restraints on the spineboard. You should cautiously slide the restraint along each side of the victim’s head and then pull your hand away slowly. Once you have placed both the head restraints, you should use the head restraint strap to completely secure the victim’s head and immobilize it from movements during rescue.

      Remove the Victim from Water

      Once the victim is secured properly, position yourself and your secondary lifeguard on either side of the spineboard. One lifeguard gets out of the water while the other maintains the control of spineboard. Once out of water, the lifeguard on land holds the head of the spineboard, while the other comes out of water. You should take care that the spineboard is carried and kept low to the ground while moving out of water to prevent it from getting dropped and causing further damage to the victim.

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