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How To Use A Lifeguard Spineboard?

First, understanding the proper way of using a lifeguard spineboard kit is important. It’s recommended to stay up to date and know how to use your your lifeguard spineboard effectively. Here’s what you need to stay prepared when saving lives. When to Use a Spineboard A spineboard is used when the potential for a spinal injury has occurred. If you suspect a victim may have hit their head or injured their spinal...

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How To Use A Lifeguard Rescue Tube

Safety should be your number one concern as a Lifeguard. While it’s important to be a strong swimmer and know just what to do in every emergency situation, your hands alone won’t provide the best rescue to swimmers in distress. That’s why a Lifeguard Rescue Tube needs to become your best friend, partner in crime, and go to equipment. What is a Lifeguard Rescue Tube? The Lifeguard Rescue Tube is...

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How to Perform CPR?

CPR, also known as cardiopulmonary resuscitation, is a very common and popular lifesaving technique used on many drowning victims in particular. The method tries to keep blood and oxygen flowing through the body when a person’s heart and breathing have stopped, by manually pumping the heart. Any trained person can perform CPR. It’s crucial to perform CPR within the first six minutes of the heart stopping. Any later than six...

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