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Our New Women's Lifeguard Tankini Swimsuit 2PC

Tired of wearing the same lifeguard swimsuit? This combination tank top and bikini are useful for women. A tankini gives you the desired coverage. The upper portion of the tankini is built as a bikini bra with padding. It fits your chest like any other bikini top or bra.

Our women’s lifeguard tankini swimsuit 2pc comes with extra padding. The suit is made with removable pads for long durability. If old padded has been worn out you can change them with these new pads.

● Wide strap for comfortable wear.
● Fully lined 100% polyester.
● Removable cups and pads.
● 47% PBT or 53% polyester.
● Lightweight and tailored-made
● Durable
● Useful for professionals
Reasons to choose a tankini:
● A tankini gives you more coverage.
● Tankini tops are very comfortable.
● It has a “GUARD” sign on the chest for people to recognize you better as a lifeguard crew

Tankini provides both coverage and protection. While being in the sun for most of the time one might want to wear something that protects them from the sun. A tankini fulfills that purpose.

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