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How do I Become a Lifeguard?

How do I become a Lifeguard Lifeguards are employed at aquatic facilities such as swimming pools, beaches, water parks, and other recreational areas. A lifeguard's role is to keep people safe in and around bodies of water. They are taught to understand water safety and to enforce guidelines to guarantee that safe practices are followed. They are also capable of providing emergency care. Lifeguards may instruct swim lessons, during which...

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How to Choose The Perfect Size For Lifeguard Board Shorts?

How to Choose the Right Size for Lifeguard Board Shorts  Choosing the ideal kind and size of lifeguard shorts may not be as simple as it seems. However, it is essential that you be aware of some of the items or recommendations to consider while selecting the correct size of lifeguard shorts. Choosing the appropriate size of lifeguard shorts allows you to stand out and be physically fit for the...

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Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle These three R’s hold great importance for sustainable living for human beings, animals, and other living beings on earth. These are interconnected with each other for the betterment of the entire planet. It also helps the people to bring down the quantity of wastage along with creating an environment that is conducive for other living beings to breathe. How can you cut down on waste materials?...

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What is the Best Lifeguard Swim Shorts for Men

A Lifeguard’s Uniform is atypical from what is typically worn at the workplace. However, you still want to make sure they fit just right and are ready for any action that comes. Finding the right pair of swim shorts is vital to staying comfortable and ready while on duty. How Long Should They Be? You won’t find a male Lifeguard wearing a small speedo. While this type of suit may...

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Different Types of Swimming Strokes

For those who have taken swimming lessons before, swimming strokes is not a new thing but for those who have never been interested with swimming, the various types of strokes or even the definition of strokes might be a puzzle. In this article, we are going to look at various types of swimming strokes that you can employ during your swimming and rescue operation at sea. The front crawl stroke...

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How to Find the Appropriate Sizes for Lifeguard Board Shorts

Choosing the right kind and size of lifeguard shorts might not be an easy thing as it may sound. However it is very important for you to be aware of some of the things or hints to consider when choosing the right size of lifeguard shorts. Choosing the right size of lifeguard shorts helps you to stand out and be physically fit for the swim task associate with rescuing other...

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