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Why Is It Important To Wear A Lifeguard Hat?

The threat of being a Lifeguard isn’t just moral consciousness. Yes, the threat of having to save someone is always looming and should be the main concern of your position. However, while caring for others on the job, you have to care for yourself as well. This means protecting yourself from the sun’s UV rays as you take on your job, out in the sun, day after day.

Benefits of a Lifeguard Hat

One of your best tools (other than sunscreen) to protect against the sun is a proper Lifeguard Hat. Here are a few reasons you should buy a Lifeguard Hat today:

  1. Protect Against Skin Cancer - Your skin is the largest organ on your body. It’s also an organ that’s constantly exposed to outside conditions, unlike your other vital organs. That means protection of the skin should be a top concern. If you’re not careful, you can end up with skin cancer down the road if you aren’t carefully staying safe from the sun. A Lifeguard Hat protects your head and face from the harsh rays by casting a shadow from the sun. It’s your own personal shade machine.
  2. Protect Against Anti-Aging - Dark spots and wrinkles can show up prematurely from too much exposure to the sun. First and foremost, you should be concerned of deadly skin cancer and other ailments caused by the sun. However, if that doesn’t convince you to wear a hat, let the threat of losing your youth be a motivator. It may look good to be tan now, but the same notion won’t apply 20 years down the road.
  3. Protection for Your Eyes - You can also develop cataracts and even eye cancer if your eyes are exposed too often to sun rays. You should always wear sunglasses as a Lifeguard to protect your eyes. However, it’s also important to wear a hat that gives your eyes an extra layer of shade.
  4. It’s Stylish - If nothing else, wear a hat for the aesthetics. A nice lifeguard hat can pull your whole uniform together, give you a fun accessory, state clearly that you’re the one in charge, all while protecting you from damaging UV rays.

Types of Lifeguard Hats

You’re convinced that a Lifeguard hat is a must for working at an outdoor pool or beach. However, what hats are there to wear? You can’t just wear your grandma’s wide brim beige sun hat to work, but you can wear these:

  1. Baseball Cap - A standard hat that protects from the sun hitting your head and face.
  2. Trucker Hat - This hat has a slightly larger brim that casts a larger shadow along with mesh holes in the back for easy breathability.
  3. Bucket Hat - This option casts a wider, but not longer shadow and can protect your ears from the sun as well.
  4. Visor - Visors won’t protect the top of your head but are great for staying cool and protecting your face.
  5. Safari Hat - Our safari hat covers the most amount of skin and casts a wide shadow. It also has a string attached so you can easily have it hand from your neck for easy access when you aren’t wearing it.

Cover Up!

Both sunscreen and hats are crucial for a Lifeguard to have. Stay cool and stylish this summer with one of our hats that’ll fit just right!

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