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      News — Lifeguard Hat

      Why is it Important to Wear a Lifeguard Hat?

      Why is it Important to Wear a Lifeguard Hat?

      Being a lifeguard means you need to be prepared all the time for all kinds of unforeseen situations that might come up and would require you to portray the best of your abilities and save lives. It may come as a surprise that you would be spending more time on the land looking, waiting than you would in the water. In order to be your best, you need to be in the best of your health. Stay hydrated at all times and eats well. Being in/out of the water means that you need to stay covered. A lifeguard swimsuit is not enough protection in this regard.

      When you go out to buy things that you might require for your lifeguard job this summer, here is one basic accessory that you need to have with you at all costs — a lifeguard hat. It may seem like something which is not important enough but take it from the word of the experts; it will be your biggest asset while you are at your job. Here are a few reasons why it is important for you to have a lifeguard hat.

      1- Saves you from heat

      Imagine yourself out in the sun, day after day for months in a row. This is what your life would be once you become a lifeguard. The job, no doubt is rewarding, but you can only help others if you are in your perfect health. It is very important that you are protected from the scorching heat at all times. You cannot ignore your health and expect you to be your best at your job. The constant heat can affect your head and may cause a summer stroke in the worst of scenarios. Keep your head covered to prevent it from being under the direct sun all the time.

      2- Better vision

      The job of the lifeguard requires them to be on their toes all the time. They should be able to spot the person who is in need of help from afar. Human life is at stake and there is no room for error. You need to be quick and responsive at all times. This would require you to have a perfect vision with clear visibility. This is not possible with the sun shining down on your eyes all the times. A lifeguard hat provides a shade needed to enable your eyes to have a clear vision.

      3- Adds to the whole persona

      Well, this certainly is another factor. After all, you need to be dressed for the job properly so that you can be taken seriously. You need to look the job to do the job.

      Becoming a lifeguard is a fun summer job to take especially if you like water. It gives you ample time to have fun doing what you love and save lives while doing that.

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