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4 Things You Need to Know As Lifeguards

Although being a lifeguard is about saving lives primarily, one is always under the misconception that this is all that there would be to it. Once you get the job you will know that there is a lot to the job you can have no idea till you become a lifeguard yourself. Here are 4 things you need to know about the job before you take it on this summer.

1. Beach lifeguards have a tougher job

As compared to the pools, beaches are more crowded and the authorities there have stricter rules. Since beaches pose a greater threat to human life, there is extensive training required to prepare you for the job of a beach lifeguard. You need to spend an hour training every day on the beach running and summing even while carrying an 80-pound bag of sand on your shoulders so that you are prepared for the job properly.

2. For girls, it’s even tougher

Lifeguarding is a male-dominated job where men are trusted more to do a job than women. This is the reason girls are not allowed to sit together because the bosses do not take them to be strong enough to make the saves alone. So if you are a girl and plan on taking this up as a career, you need to be prepared for a hard life ahead to get yourself noticed and acknowledged.

3. Sharks are not for you to freak out over

As lifeguards, people don’t expect you to freak out over sharks. They look up to you for support and help. Looking at you freak out over something like this will scare them even more. So the trick is to stay calm and composed at all times and handle the situation well so that people can go back in the water. It is better to carry binoculars with you all the time so that you can foresee a shark fin way before people and calm them down on time so as not to create a scene.

4. It’s not all about saving lives

You might think that your only job there would be to save lives but this is not the case. When on the beach you need to make sure that people follow all the beach rules, no matter how weird they are. For example, not digging holes bigger than chest-high height because there are chances that they might drown in the sand. You need to be prepared to handle situations where you can help with missing children and carrying a first aid kit for any accident that might occur.

Although the job pays you well, but there are a lot of things you cannot learn about it till you become a part of the choir. Although it will be fun and exciting but it will not be easy. So be prepared for all such situations before you step in.

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