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Women's Lifeguard Swimsuit Tankini 2PC

Women's Lifeguard Swimsuit Tankini 2PC

Whether you're a competitive swimmer or just like to relax on the beach, this Tankini Lifeguard Swimsuit 2PC has a flattering fit that will make you feel confident in the water.

This Lightweight Women's Lifeguard Swimsuit Tankini 2PC has a performance-enhancing design that reduces drag and increases swimming efficiency. The design is lightweight and made of high-quality materials that will keep you comfortable day after day. The sleek front design features a GUARD logo that is sure to get attention. A practical and stylish go-to suit for any swimmer. 

This lightweight, Quick-dry Lifeguard Swimsuit Tankini 2PC is designed for performance and comfort. They are intended to feel like you're wearing nothing at all. Your skin feels cool and comfortable all day long. The extra padding and cups make the fit even better. We added a flexible, breathable, and ultra-lightweight polyester lining to the top, which improves the fit and comfort.

  • Our Comfortable Women's Lifeguard Swimsuit is hand wash only.
  • These Lifeguard Swimsuits Tankini are made from the finest materials and come with an extremely soft feel.
  • The bottom of the Long Lasting Lifeguard Swimsuit is also lined with a soft and flexible neoprene that ensures a snug, super-comfortable fit.


  • Color: Red
  • Materials: 47% PBT / 53% Polyester.
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