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Women's Lifeguard Swimsuit Wide Straps 2PC

Women's Lifeguard Swimsuit Wide Straps 2PC

Take your swimming to the next level with this vibrant Women's Wide Straps Lifeguard Swimsuit 2PC.

Designed for maximum comfort and performance, this stylish and comfortable Wide Straps Lifeguard Swimsuit 2PC is a great choice for all women. The wide straps provides a secure fit that is perfect for any activity. The soft fabric allows you to move freely, while the enhanced fit and longer-lasting colors ensure that you look your best. This 2-piece set is a great way to enjoy the water in style.

Designed to be durable and comfortable, this suit will keep you looking your best. Our high quality design Wide Straps 2PC Lifeguard Swimwear is made with a blend of polyester and PBT which provides the perfect combination of softness and strength. A fully-lined 100% polyester interior provides a comfortable feel while its quick-dry, two-piece construction ensures your suit dries quickly after use. Fits like a glove. Designed for performance, this Wide Straps Lifeguard Swimsuit 2PC will be the perfect choice for women.

  • It has a “GUARD” logo on the front chest.
  • Simply hand wash in cold water to ensure long-lasting color retention.
  • This 2PC Wide Straps Lifeguard Swimsuit is made with a blend of polyester and PBT (polybutylene terephthalate) fibers that are soft to the touch and enhance the longevity of the suit.


  • Color: Red
  • Materials: 47% PBT / 53% Polyester. 

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