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Being a lifeguard comes with a shopping list of swim suits and gear that you need to buy. The lifeguard uniform is what helps you stand out from the patrons you’re protecting and your gear is what helps you do your job. Without these items, you can’t be an effective life guard. You may have some ideas in mind for where you can buy lifeguard equipment, but here’s a list of a few stores you may have missed in your search for the best lifeguard stores around you and online.

Where to Shop in Person

More often than not, you’ll want to get your lifeguard gear and uniform from an online site. They often have more diverse options and better deals if you know where to look. However, some sporting goods and general supermarkets have lifeguard suits and equipment for sale in person. Try Walmart, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and other general stores to see what’s available near you.

Where to Shop Online

Online stores can have a much wider selection for you to peruse. We recommend based on quality, cost, and other important factors:

  1. One of the top site catering to Lifeguards is If you’re looking for a store dedicated to supplying you with all the personal protective Rescue Equipment, Lifeguard Swimsuits, Lifeguard Board Shorts, Rescue Accessories, and more that you need as a lifeguard, look no further than Most of our Lifeguard Swimsuits available are under $30 and of superb quality. Get the quality gear you need at a price you can’t beat.

How to Find Affordable Prices & Fast Shipping

If you’re starting your first day as a lifeguard soon and need your uniform and gear quick, online shopping can feel intimidating. However, our store offers fast shipping options and even free shipping if you spend a certain amount of money.

Getting all the equipment and accessories you’ll need to effectively be the best lifeguard possible can quickly help you make it across that price barrier for free shipping. For affordable gear that doesn’t sacrifice quality, any of the stores above are ideal, but is truly the place to browse if you want the most options, best prices, and fastest shipping available.

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