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Being a lifeguard comes with a shopping list of swim suits and gear that you need to buy. The lifeguard uniform is what helps you stand out from the patrons you’re protecting and your gear is what helps you do your job. Without these items, you can’t be an effective life guard. You may have some ideas in mind for where you can buy lifeguard equipment, but here’s a list...

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How To Use A Lifeguard Whistle

Lifeguards are notorious for their quick whistle blows and strict “no running!” command that follows. However, you’ll also find Lifeguards twirling that same whistle in their hands on the stand and using it more as a toy than a tool. Don’t fall into this trap. Learn how to best use your whistle as a Lifeguard with this blog! How to Properly Blow into a Whistle You’d think that blowing a...

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What kind of Lifeguard Whistles Should I get?

Lifeguard whistles may appear insignificant to many but they do matter a lot in emergency situations. There are a number of instances when such an insignificant apparatus has saved lives. Lifeguard whistles are not only meant for water body rescue operations but for all the emergency situations. However, there are so many types of whistles in the market to choose from. The fact that they are many makes us shy...

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