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      News — Lifeguard Rescue Can

      How To Use A Lifeguard Rescue Can

      As a Lifeguard, it’s crucial to stay up to date on what tools can help you save lives and do your job to the best of your ability. If you don’t know what a Rescue Can is or the importance of this life-saving mechanism, keep reading!

      What is a Rescue Can?

      Before you ask- no, this isn’t a can you crack open like a jar of pickles. Instead, a Lifeguard Rescue Can is a floatation device made of buoyant material that is solid and impenetrable, like a can. 

      The Lifeguard Rescue Can has been used for over 100 years, dating back to 1897. It’s a prevalent tool for Beach Lifeguards because of its ability to keep the lifeguard and person in distress safely afloat in turbulent waters. 

      The Lifeguard Rescue Can has undergone many updates and changes throughout the years to its design. We eventually ended up with a sleek torpedo-shaped red buoy that is hollow, air-filled, and highly buoyant through the shifting design. The Lifeguard Rescue Can is so buoyant that it will support multiple swimmers in distress, but how do we best operate this tool? 

      Tips for Using a Lifeguard Rescue Can

      1. Use the StrapBefore you enter the water, sling the strap of the Rescue Can across your body. This will allow you to already be in a position to swim safely back to shore with the swimmer in distress. 
      2. Use Distance. The Lifeguard Rescue Can has a tough rope that attaches the strap to the actual Can. This rope is typically 7 feet and allows more distance between the person you’re rescuing and yourself. It’s important to maintain this distance so that the victim doesn’t cling to you in a moment of stress and discomfort. The Lifeguard Rescue Can will support their weight better than you ever could.
      3. Keep it on You. You never know when a swimmer will need your help. Have the Rescue Can strap around you at all times for a quick rescue. 
      4. Swimming Out. Hold the Rescue Can in front of you like a kickboard to get the buoy to the swimmer in distress as quickly as possible. This also allows some distance between you and the swimmer in case they latch on to you out of fear. 
      5. Instruct the Victim. When you reach the victim, instruct them to grab onto the handles of the Rescue Can. There are multiple handles on the equipment, so if you have to save multiple swimmers, the equipment is the tool for you. 
      6. Throw the Can. When possible, always swim out with the Lifeguard Rescue Can. This is a more definite way to get the Can to the victim and save them swiftly. However, if they are close enough, you are able to throw the Can beyond the victim and instruct them to latch on. Keep hold of the other end of the Can and pull the swimmer to safety. 

      Trust Your Instincts

      The Lifeguard Rescue Can is a great tool to aid you in your rescue of swimmers. Trust your instincts and don’t be afraid to use ring buoys like this for faster and better rescues.

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