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      News — Lifeguard Clothing

      Classic Lifeguard T-Shirts

      Classic Lifeguard T-Shirts

      If you think it’s too hot outside for lifeguards to wear shirts, think again. Men’s lifeguard shirts are very important for a number of reasons. When you are looking for lifeguard clothing this summer, here are few reasons to help you buy the right shirt for you.

      Shirts Keep You Cool

      You may think this is the complete opposite, but it really is true. Even though you are in and out of the water for several hours, wearing a lifeguard t-shirts is important. You may spend a long time sitting by the pool or on the beach and never go in the water.

      Depending on the area you are working, the sun can get pretty hot and so will you. Many of the shirts that are made for this type of job are designed to keep moisture away from your body. This means both water and sweat and pulled away from you and help regulate your body temperature.

      There Is Not A Style Limit

      Not all of these shirts are made in the same way or style. In fact, you have short sleeve and long sleeve options that will help if there are cooler days. Much like lifeguard tank tops, men’s lifeguard shirts are made from 100% pre-shrunk cotton which keeps you dry and it holds up with multiple cleaning cycles.

      There are also other brands of shirts made from nylon, polyester, or spandex. All of these materials help prevent sunburn and rashes. If you live in an area where the summers are mild, think about buying both a long sleeve and a short sleeve shirt.

      A lifeguard needs to stand out from a crowd of swimmers. When you buy your shirts, make sure and get bold colors like yellow, orange, red, or even white. Most swimmers wear multi-colored lifeguard swimsuits or be sure yours is a bold, plain color.

      Required a Lifeguard Tank Top

      Required a Lifeguard Tank Top


      Lifeguards are an integral part of the beach as they are entrusted with the responsibility of saving lives of others. It is a very humane and humanitarian job and you earn a lot of respect while working as a lifeguard. A lifeguard needs to look strong, fit and attractive so people can easily notice them. Their clothes need to be catchier as well so they can be noticed from a greater distance. Being a lifeguard is not an easy job and requires a lot of efforts and strength. You don’t only have to be physically strong but also emotionally relaxed and calm to be able to perform your duties more vigilantly. You also need to be more attentive and composed in order to react immediately to a serious situation. However, the right kind of clothing is immensely important to bring out the best in you as a lifeguard. Your clothing helps you feel easy, relaxed and cool in every kind of weather. A lifeguard tank top from JustLifeguard definitely be your first choice when buying clothes for your beach side job. Here are few reasons that make having this lifeguard tank top essential for you:

      1. Lifeguard tank tops are important for your comfort.

      Comfortable clothing is a must for a job as a lifeguard because you have to feel easy and relaxed. You cannot wear very heavy or uncomfortable attire because you will have to rescue people by carrying them , hold them tight or even swim deeper into the waters. All these tasks require you to feel easy and relaxed so you can do them effortlessly. A tank top is the best kind of clothing for such a job because it is made of cotton and is very light which helps you feel quite easy.

      2.Lifeguard tank tops are dry easily.

      You have to stay at the beach all day long which does not mean you have to stay wet all the time. Your clothes need to be dry when you are out of the water so you look crisp and fresh to give a good impression of yourself to the people who need you. It is also easy to wash and dry which makes it more wearable.

      3.They Save you from Tan Lines.

      Tan is all you need during the summers because they make you look attractive and sexually appealing. However, tan lines are something all of us want to avoid so your best defense against tan lines is a lifeguard tank top.

      4.Tank tops help save you from the hot weather.

      Hot weather is the good but extremely hot weather is not good because it can drench away all your energies and freshness leaving you tired and weary. If you wear the right clothes, then you can avoid feeling too hot and save yourself from the heat. Lifeguard tank tops are quite light and help save your skin from too much exposure to the sun and the sleeveless top helps keep you cool no matter how hot the weather is.

      Get the Best Lifeguard Shorts

      Get the Best Lifeguard Shorts

      Being a lifeguard is much more than wearing men’s lifeguard shorts or a beautiful women’s swimsuit with a lifeguard logo on it. Many people look at being a lifeguard as a summer job for college students, but it is not so. It requires a lot of training and lessons to be a lifeguard. It is not about roaming around on the beach leisurely. It is about responsibility and vigilance. Being a lifeguard can physically challenging. You have to be fit, with toned muscles. You should be visiting gym regularly to maintain the stamina. Also you should be perfect at swimming. Also you should look good. You don’t get a chance to make mistakes either when it comes to being dutiful or having suitable appearance. You are someone people look up to for their safety. So, to look professional and trained, you should dress appropriately. It is very important to choose the right pair of shorts.

      Men can go for Bermuda shorts in any color they desire. But it is preferable to wear darker colors. Also, go for the cloth that is soft, durable and dries up fast. Make sure how you dress up doesn’t interfere with your duties so choosing a comfortable pair is important. Modern day lifeguards have got a lot of choices. They have different styles and colors to choose from when it comes to dressing up and accessorizing. A lot of styles are trending this year for shorts including Bermuda shorts and lifeguard board shorts. Also you can choose to have any color you desire. Be it red, navy blue, black, brown or grey. Anything would work. But make sure your shorts and practical and comfortable. In colder weather you can also go for a shirt over shorts but do not wear too much layers since peeling them off can be time consuming when there is an emergency. Specially designed swim wears are not only important for professional swimmers but also for lifeguards. To perform your duties as they are supposed to be performed, the way you dress up does matter. Lifeguard apparel should be just as flexible and functional as that of professional swimmers.

      Women have a wide variety to choose from, unlike men. There are plenty of styles and colors available. They can opt for one piece swimsuit or a bikini. But opt for sports fit that give ample coverage and allow you to move easily. Some shorts are printed with a lifeguard mark that makes it easy to spot you in public and seek your help. The various swimsuits for women include Speedo Lifeguard Flyback Swimsuit that is designed from a special material that gives it flexibility and durability. The material also resists sagging that swimsuits experience after wearing a few times. Nike Guard Sport Top 2 Piece Bikini is another choice. It offers both function and style. The Speedo Lifeguard Super Pro Swim Suit offers a classical style with exceptional feature to aid you when you go into water. It offers many features to increase the comfort level.

      Lifeguard suits have come a long way in recent years. What used be the same one piece suit used everywhere has evolved into plenty of different designs.  You do realize that how important it is to pick the right shorts. To make the process easier, you can look for your desired men and women’s shorts, swim suits, shirts and other accessories on Pretty much everything you need being a lifeguard is available there. Also special discounts are available there. From a wide variety of options, you are able to choose the lifeguard shorts or lifeguard suit that best suits your needs.

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