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How To Use A Lifeguard Rescue Can

How To Use A Lifeguard Rescue Can

As a Lifeguard, it’s crucial to stay up to date on what tools can help you save lives and do your job to the best of your ability. If you don’t know what a Rescue Can is or the importance of this life-saving mechanism, keep reading! What is a Rescue Can? Before you ask- no, this isn’t a can you crack open like a jar of pickles. Instead, a Lifeguard Rescue...

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How to Clean Your Lifeguard Rescue Equipment?

How to Clean Your Lifeguard Rescue Can, Rescue Tube, Spineboard/Water Backboard, Buoys, etc. Lifeguard keeps a close eye on swimmers and visitors at pools, beaches, waterparks, and lakes and are ready to jump into action to give life-saving care at a moment's notice. In 2017, the United States Lifesaving Association's Lifeguard performed 75,951 rescues at beaches around the country and provided medical attention and first aid in 546,707 cases. Lifeguard...

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How To Use A Lifeguard Rescue Tube

Safety should be your number one concern as a Lifeguard. While it’s important to be a strong swimmer and know just what to do in every emergency situation, your hands alone won’t provide the best rescue to swimmers in distress. That’s why a Lifeguard Rescue Tube needs to become your best friend, partner in crime, and go to equipment. What is a Lifeguard Rescue Tube? The Lifeguard Rescue Tube is...

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